Video Marketing Training – The Key To Business Success

Video marketing is a rising star in the marketing heavens and has become the most effective advertising tool for businesses

This technique is picking up a key spot in the marketing plan of all significant organizations to connect with consumers, engage with them and change them into paying clients. 

Video marketing is used to create an emotional connection with views that eventually leads to sales.

When a product is launched, you know it meets a particular requirement for customers.


You may compose a description. You could make a bulleted rundown of features. You attempt to imprison everything in a four-word slogan. But there is no assurance your target audiences will read all this stuff.

 That is where the narrative formation of a video comes in. A video recommends an opening, middle and ending. It is a natural motivation for the audience to watch the entire thing. 

What is Video Marketing

Incorporating videos into marketing campaigns to promote company, product or service is known as Video Marketing. 

A strong marketing promotion integrates customer testimonials, live events videos, how-to videos, explainer videos, training videos, viral videos and so on. 

The key element of these video marketing promotions is to enhance the consciousness of an organization’s products or services they offer.

Study demonstrates a visual showing off a product or service message makes the commercial or promotional video more visually engaging.

So if you want to excel in marketing campaigns you must get some Video Marketing training. 

How can Video Marketing Improve Your Business?

Potentially, a few minutes video can transmit huge amount of information on multiple niches. Video can be utilized to communicate in ways other advertising tools don’t.

5 reasons Video Marketing amplifies your Business marketing Campaign

1. Video brings more conversion

A video will always convert more users. A study shows that 57% of online consumers are more inclined towards buying a product after watching a video demonstration of the product. 

YouTube which is the second largest search engine after Google has more than 4 billion views per day. At least one video per week is watched by 78% of people on YouTube. 

Everyday 55% of people watch videos on YouTube. These statistics show the potential video contains to attract consumers.


2. Video is easily searchable

There are endless platforms for Video Marketing. OGoogle, around 70% of the top 100 search listing is video results. 

Relatively on social media, video can affect Google search results and entry point to your website. Consumers can access online videos anytime and anywhere.

This is not possible for the conventional paper marketing. The audience can be reached in a lucrative way with Video Marketing.



3. Video connects emotionally

Video proposes the opportunity to utilize sight and sound to connect emotionally with the viewers via storytelling.  It makes a direct appeal to a person’s brain through music. 

Video invokes series of emotions in viewers by showing images which connect their brains and hearts with your product or service. 


4. Video a gold mine for SEO

Search site giants like Bing, Google and Yahoo have made video a key factor in their search formulas. Posting good amount of quality videos on your website will move you higher in search ranking engines, click-through rates, open rates and conversions. Properly tagged video works wonder for your SEO.


5. Social Media Sharing

Video sharing is a gigantic part of social media. Social media is the best way to get your message out in a fun and shareable way. 500 plus years’ worth of YouTube videoswatched on Facebook daily whereas 700 plus YouTube videos are shared on twitter every minute. 


Best Platforms for Uploading Videos


After investing in creating video, the question arises which platform to choose for marketing. Every platform has its own strength and weaknesses. Let’s review the powerful options.




Facebook has come up with Facebook Live Video feature that reached market earlier and is expanding faster than any other live video experiences. 

It has achieved great success in building live video happenings into user news feeds which give videos better engagement and exposure. 




Twitter has launched Twitter’s live streaming platform that has a close resemblance to conventional television formats. This feature has gaining momentum and surely worth using as your video marketing platform




Snapchat has two key strengths: storytelling and video. It has 8 billion daily views. It offers access to live videos close to Facebook experience but not as quick and easy as what Facebook offers. 




Instagram released Stories- its live story feature. Although the transition was smooth Instagram seems to have suffered from a lack of making a splash. Users are able to see advertisements for Stories on top of their feeds but are not exposed to feature organically. Content creator’s participation is relatively low. 


What to consider while launching a Video Marketing strategy?

Let’s examine some key points which need consideration for making videos more effective in client attraction and high traffic generation.


Video length

According to researchers, marketers have 10 seconds to grab viewers’ attention so video length must not be more than 2 minutes.


Video Distribution

Upload video directly to Facebook rather uploading them on YouTube and sharing links.In this way, video is readily available for viewers to watch.


Quality Content

Make user-friendly videos. Content should solve the problems and provide viewers with new information.


Use interactive elements

Use interactive elements like quizzes and surveys to connect with viewers. 


Catchy Titles

Make use of catchy titles to maximize your chances of user engagement and driving traffic.


Include Descriptions

Provide thorough descriptions telling addresses what your video is about to maximize the exposure from searches. 


Use Tags

Tags make a difference when it comes to online video marketing. Consider your keywords which target audience may use in searches while tagging your videos.


Host Videos on your own Domain

Use this powerful tactic to extract maximum SEO value from videos. 


End Note

If you are new to Video Marketingits better to gethe help of an expert through Video Marketing training. Starting your video marketing after getting trained helps you understand the details like a pro and let you grab a fair share of the online marketingtraffic.


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