Top 10 Beautiful Russian Actress

Top 10 Beautiful Russian Actress

Russian cinema occupies far from the last place in world cinema .Top 10 Beautiful Russian Actress a huge library of films of various genres, a whole galaxy of outstanding directors, talented actors – all this puts Russian cinema on a par with other national cinematographs. Movies Russian watch online for free today you can on the Internet. Over the years of the communist period, Russian cinema developed in a closed vein of the Soviet regime, which was reflected in the themes and style.

1- Anna Semenovich

38-year-old singer Anna Semenovich for several years adhered to the same style and preferred not to experiment with her appearance. The other day the artist abruptly changed her hair color.
The ex-soloist of the group “Brilliant” Anna Semenovich the last few years almost all the time dyed her hair in a natural blond with blackout at the roots and rarely changed anything in her image. A few days ago, Anna nevertheless decided to experiment – the singer changed colors to a platinum blonde and demonstrated the result of coloring in her microblog.

Anna Semenovich

2.Natalya Rudova

Rudova is not only the owner of natural beauty, but also an excellent sense of humor. The actress is often shared on the Web with life shots and funny videos with friends. It is not surprising that the girl is often invited to serials and full-length films, because she has long won the title of one of the most beautiful Russian actresses.


3.Nastasya Samburskaya

Samburskaya is one of the most prominent Russian TV actresses. She is not afraid to appear funny or strange, and therefore there are a lot of humorous videos and funny photos on her pages on social networks. By the way, Nastasya is also a self-confident girl, so she takes those same beautiful and talented friends. For example, Natasha Rudova.



4.Kristina Asmus

Pretty, charming Christina has an angelic appearance, for which she received the title of one of the sexiest actresses on Russian television and the heart of comedian Garik Kharlamov.

Kristina Asmus


5.Agnia Ditkovskite

The name Agnia of Greek origin means fiery. It seems that this name best reflects the essence of the actress: the attractive appearance and charming eyes can literally burn any brave person who dares to admire this beauty.

Agnia Ditkovskite

6.Anna Chipovskaya

Chipovskaya has very noble facial features, and the actress herself is considered one of the most sought-after and talented actresses of our time. By the way, the actress of Russian cinema and TV shows also has a wonderful sense of style: on any carpet Anna has a deafening success and receives rave reviews from all the stylists of the country.

Anna Chipovskaya

7.Evgenia Khirivskaya

Prior to her career in cinema and TV shows, Eugene has long worked as a model. By the way, it seems she is very similar to the world celebrity – our beloved J.Lo! Perhaps it was the similarity with Lopez that helped Eugene succeed as a model. But the ambitions of the girl took over, and now Hirivskaya is one of the most promising actresses of the national television.

Evgenia Khirivskaya


8.Elena Korikova

Gentle and romantic – this is exactly what actress Elena Korikova appeared in front of her viewers. It seems that time has no power over the beauty, because from year to year Korikova remains one of the most beautiful actresses of Russian television.

Elena Korikova

9.Julia Snigir

Yulia Snigir recently became the mother for the first time, but for Russian men she remained the most desired woman in Russia! Gypsies, move over, there is an army of fans! Perhaps due to the scandalous romance with Evgeny Tsyganov, from whom the actress gave birth to her first child, Snigir is now at the peak of her popularity in Russia.

Julia Snigir

10.Ekaterina Klimova

Klimova – the mother of four children, but still beautiful and young. Of course, it is the constant care of children that helps to stay in the form of a mother of many children, but also constant shooting. The actress is very popular with directors due to the beauty and talent.

Ekaterina Klimova




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