The truth about Forex Trading

This is the reality that I think most people aren’t willing to accept  trading Forex in an automated fashion with robots. isn’t that complicated and it’s something that you can absolutely do. I’ve tried to help you understand that it’s something that can actually work and I’ve even shown you my real numbers and statistics so that you can see if it’s something that’s on the table at all I’ve tried to show you that I’m doing it in a way that is working and I’m doing that to. hopefully build your confidence and give you hope all of that being said the reality is that most people aren’t going to put in the amount of necessary work to make this all happen and earn income passively. in the fact  automated fashion from the forex market that’s just the hard and cold.

I’m a year at this point, probably invested I don’t know maybe 100 to 150 hours of my life and either building a robot or testing a robot or reading about Forex and understanding how strategies and indicators in price and all this kind of stuff works and I’ve spent a couple thousand dollars on either education or BOTS and the truth is you probably don’t really have to spend any money at all if you’re short on cash. you can just use effort you know, you can just work hard but if you’re not willing to work hard at least out the gate I don’t know what to tell you .I think that is the honest truth and the reason most people lose money because they aren’t  willing to work hard ,they aren’t willing to be patient, they aren’t willing to start small stay with $100.00 account and little tiny trade sizes they aren’t  willing to take the time to test their strategy over years and years of data ,they aren’t willing to slowly build their account until they have a lot of confidence in their system into and to understand how trade sizing works and pips work and you know how a virtual private server works and most people just aren’t going to put in the time they’re not going to put in the effort and they’re not going to be patient so if you are one of those people who actually is willing to work hard if you’re willing to be patient then I think you have a real chance at making this work for .


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