The Jensen Project

The Jensen Project

The Jensen Project is the second in a series of a TV movies produced by Procter & Gamble and Walmart aimed at families. The movie featured embedded marketing for the Kinect, a motion sensor add-on to the Xbox 360, several months before the product’s launch. Ratings for the July 16, 2010 airing on NBC were disappointing with fewer than 4 million viewers.Reviewers called the movie “super-bad”, criticizing the dialog and the embedded marketing of Procter & Gamble and Walmart products.

The movie featured the Moller Skycar, a vertical take-off and landing aircraft or “flying car”.


After a 16-year absence from the Jensen Project, a secret community of scientists conducting advanced underground experiments to resolve the world’s problems, Matt (Brady Smith) and Claire Thompson (Kellie Martin) are asked to come back and stop Edwin Jensen (David Andrews) from using nanobots to take over other people. To create these nanobots, Edwin needs a molecular assembler, which he steals. With the help of Kendrick James (LeVar Burton), Ginny (Mylène Dinh-Robic) and Ingrid Jensen (Patricia Richardson), Matt and Claire use chemical traces of gold and silicon to track down the location of the assembler. They are misled, but Brody (Justin Kelly), and his new friend from the Project, Samantha (Alyssa Diaz), manage to trace Edwin through a voice tracker and retrieve the molecular assembler. Brody is caught and implanted with nanobots. Edwin threatens to kill Brody with the nanobots if the molecular assembler is not returned to him. The Project members mount a successful mission to destroy Edwin’s laboratory and capture him before he can execute his plan to harm others with the nanobots.


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