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Perhaps America’s cinema, among Abraham Lincoln’s presidents, has been most affected by Richard Nixon, the notorious president of the late 60’s and early 1970’s. In the last decade, two Nixon films (Oliver Stone) and Richard Nixon’s assassination (Niels Müller) featured this badge on the forehead, which, unlike Stone’s film, Niels Müller’s effect was not directly related to Richard Nixon’s. Rather, he relied on the lies and deceit he had made in relation to the American society and people, depicting the administrative system and the social system in a hypocritical, malicious way, based on the slavery of the middle classes of society.

But Frost / Nixon’s film is based on the true story of an Australian famous journalist David Frost interviewed by Richard Nixon, three years after his controversial resignation during the Watergate scandal. A shameful scandal in American history, which was previously featured in the 1976 film “All Men’s President,” by Allen J. Pacola.

David Frost (played by Michael Shin, who played the role of Tony Blair two years ago in the Queen’s movie “The Queen”), the Australian TV show’s tv shows, and occasionally Britain, two years after the resignation of Richard Nixon, The only incumbent president of US history is interviewing. Initially, this makes it impossible to do, because it first needs a political knowledge, and Frost, whose ultimate work, for example, an interview with the Bee Gees group, is far from such a situation, and on the other hand, a person like Richard Nixon can tend to Having his first TV show after the Watergate event and resigning from the presidency with a non-American shaman! But one of Nixon’s advisers and brokers, called Swifty Lazar (played by Toby Jones), solves the second part of the adventure, Nixon’s satisfaction with a $ 600,000 deal.

That means that the former president of the United States, having received $ 600,000 from an Australian shaman, would give him an interview that might question all his dignity and the political apparatus of the United States.

A lot of money was due to be paid to a former president by a third of his $ 200,000 advance payment on David Frost’s first visit to Richard Nixon. But Frost, on the other hand, is giving a decision to the political adversary, especially about the Watergate affair, by hiring two experts and political writers who are familiar with the history and events of the Nixon era; James Ruston Jr., played by Sam Rockwell He also has a role in the movie “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” by George Clooney, who has written at least 4 books about Nixon, but never met him closely, and Bob Zelenick (starring Oliver Plot) are two Who conducted the political and historical research of the David Frost interview project with Richard Nixon and provided the theoretical feed They provide.

The interview begins with the fact that Frost can not sponsor any investment and will inevitably spend on it, which, according to herself, spends more than $ 2 million. In the early stages of the interview, it is Nixon who can impose himself / herself and answer the questions of Frost in his favor, but with the continuation of the dialogue, the conditions are different.

Peter Morgan wrote the script “David / Frost” directed by Ron Howard. Two of Morgan’s major screenings, two years ago both on the screen, were “queens” about the impact of Tony Blair on the modernization of Queen Elizabeth II, created by Steven Frezer and “the last king of Scotland”, which was about the rule and behavior of the Udinese dictator, Idah Amin .

In fact, “Frost / Nixon” can be considered a revamped documentary that was loyal to what actually happened in the same famous interview (and a documentary was made about it in 1977). But what separates a fictional and elaborate work with a documentary film in Frost / Nixon is the fascinating design that Morgan and Ron Howard have done in the form of a dramatic effect to capture the facts of the television interview. It is natural that in order to dramatize a documentary, it is necessary to characterize the characters in that work. Addressing the spirits, the backgrounds and backgrounds of life, their work and activities can even drag the audience away from documentaries and love story and story into the cinema. What Alan J. Pakola, for example, did not do well in the “All Men of the President”, but John Ford in the “Lincoln Young” or David Lane in Lawrence of Saudi Arabia or Oliver Stone in “GFK” is well off so much. They came up.

In the movie “Frost / Nixon”, Peter Morgan and Ron Howard are doing so. Howard, who has previously experienced difficulty with Dan Brown and Akiva Geldzman in “The Da Vinci Code” to dramatize a fake belief and belief about the Zionist monastery and “angels and demons” (who are still in their final stages of construction) in Propaganda Maslow’s behind-the-go Illinoist organization also pretty well performs in the “Frost / Nixon”, and Peter Morgan also presented a fairly acceptable account of the dramatic works of the “Queen” and “The Last King of Scotland” films.

Perhaps because of this, in Frost / Nixon, before the start of the interview, which actually starts from the half-movie, about 55 minutes of characterization are David Frost (less known to the global audience) and Richard Nixon Which may represent the presence of most film audiences, depict the current status and isolation in their own private villa in Los Angeles, with a physically not so much curved and curved trend that Frank Langela was tired and desperate to play well It has come about.


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