Targeted Solo Ads – Everything You Need To Know About Solo Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Targeted Solo Ads

Solo ads are a hyped means of traffic generation method. It is an efficient way of email advertising and the easiest and simplest way of getting online traffic. They are directed to a particular audience who has given the authorization to be emailed with offers they are interested in.

So What Basically Are Targeted Solo Ads?

Solo ads are paid email traffic. It is a famous way for internet advertisers to reach out to a huge number of targeted audiences for comparatively low cost.

The fundamental idea is to discover somebody who owns a large list of subscribers which is intimately related to your niche, and to successfully lease their list by paying them to convey an email you have written for their subscribers.

These emails incorporate one advertisement which results in a higher possibility of them being perused and clicked on to visit the advertised website.


How Solo Ads Work?

  • You visit a website.
  • The site offers a free report that you can get in the case that you sign up for their email list. You join and get the free report.
  • The proprietor of the website tries to increase email list of individuals that have signed up for the free report to be around 5,000 to 10,000 or more subscribers.
  • The website owner develops his list to huge size to start selling solo ads.
  • When a solo ad is sold, an email is sent to the vendor’s list advertizing the free report that the buyer’s id offering.
  • A link to free report is incorporated in the email.
  • Every visitor that clicks the link in the email is called “click.”
  • Solo ads are sold in number of clicks like 100, 500 and so on.
  • Usually the price per click ranges from $0.3 to $0.5. If per click price is $0.5 then a 100 click solo ad will cost $50.


How to Create a Targeted Solo Ad (Details)


Landing Page


Create or choose a landing page. Landing page must have a single focus message and the headline of landing page should go with the ad that visitors have clicked.


Writing Solo Ad


Write an email copy which urges visitor to visit the link. It is the most important part as creation of compelling subject line will attract interest and attention. If the subject line is weak it will eventually cause zero chance of getting a click.


Call To Action


Make it easy for people to click on your link by making it visible. Targeted visitors should not be made to scroll down to see the link.


Choosing Targeted Solo Ad Provider


Search for the websites that present directories of solo ad providers. This is an effective way to start off if you are a beginner.

You can also find ad providers in forums. Or advertise there for what kind of advertiser you are looking for. This is the most time consuming method yet and easy way to find the right kind of people you are seeking.

Whatever method you follow just keep in mind to choose a huge list owner which is harmonious with your niche.


Set Up Tracking

It is very important to track results through monitoring number of clicks, leads and sales generated by each solo ad. This is a way of scrutinizing results for choosing follow up campaigns and targeting.


Payment For The Ad

Fixed price solo ad has a set price for particular number of emails to be sent. The new marketers get scammed through this method reason being they focus more on the quantity of emails rather than the volume of opens and click-thrus.

Another method is the Performance based pricing in which price depends on the opens, click-thrus and conversions (number of sales made).This method is costly yet in this way you are guaranteeing your results.


Targeted Solo Ad Features That You Will Love (Benefits)

Fast Delivery – It is an effective way of reaching high number of prospective clients in no time.

Targeted Traffic – It is highly targeted as clients have already opted in and showed interest about a specific topic.

Cheap way – Solo traffic is not at all expensive. You can get rates as cheap as $0.60.

Attention On One Offer – All focus of client is on one offer only.

Not Spam – Solo ads are not a spam rather CAN-SPAM compliant. They include an unsubscribe option for the subscriber.

Compact Email – Readers are attracted towards short and compact email body because they require less time to read.

Email List Update – Emails are frequently updated to include fresh subscribers.

Human Factor – In targeted solo ads discounts are also offered which attract a greater number of subscribers.


5 Tips To Target Effective Solo Ads Vendors



Invest Profoundly In Growing Your List Quickly As Possible

The sooner you grow vendor list, the sooner you can start selling solo ads. Start with a little investment and grow list over a longer period of time.

Stand-Out From Competition

Provide you target market with the stuff which will WOW them. Figure out what exactly it is. Always respect your subscribers because whole point of attracting subscriber is to build a strong relationship with them.

Use Stand-Alone Squeeze Page

Solo ad which will send your clients straight to an order page is a big fail. You will be wasting your revenue this way. Always send them to a stand-alone squeeze page to retrieve their email address.

The purpose of solo ad is to generate leads so that you can follow up with your subscriber in future.

Use creative language

An email which is short and is fun to read attracts readers then a lengthy and dry one. Be creative and conversational in your text. Keep it short and to the point.

Invest In Tracking Software

You need to know the exact number of clicks being received or sent to track your traffic. Start with simple tracking solutions like free versions. Eventually upgrade to commercial track links software.



Solo ad work great for businesses yet they are a bit risky if you start without getting enough expertise as there is a huge amount of money is involved.
You have to carefully screen carefully to get your targeted list that suits your business otherwise you will lose revenue. Find right solo ad vendors and keep track of emails. If you will keep this in mind soon your expenditures will be turning into profit!


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