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erkenci kus 18
ERKENCI KUS 18 BOLUM STORY REVIEW In erkenci kus 18 bolum Sanem cannot confess that he is jealous. How could he tell Can yet? He takes out Can to get rid of the situation. They drink a lot. They decide. Sanem won't interfere in Can's private life. Can Sanem! There will be no words other than what their business requires....


erkenci kus 16
ERKENCI KUS 16 BOLUM Will it be able to break the sharp lines of Sanemi's honesty? What can Sanem soften up in Can's heart after he says, yalan Everything you ever knew about me is a lie? " The strength of the bond between them is being tested. Will the bribe Emre offer to tie up YRT Holding to the customer, will...


erekenci kus 15
ERKENCI KUS 15 BOLUM Erkenci kus 15 bolum Sanem has now taken the position of official trainee copywriter at his new agency. Erkenci kus in the last section Sanem's great love confession after sailing to a new relationship Sanem Can'i their relationship to the shadow of Emre and Aylin, to terminate their relationship with the aim of separating Sanem'e Canal,...

Ege’nin Hamsisi – 11.Bolum Turkish Series

Ege'nin Hamsisi 11
Ege'nin Hamsisi 11.Bolum It changes in a way that we can't reach the speed of life. In Ege'nin Hamsisi 11 everything is meaningless, and whatever it is, it disappears. Neither the songs nor the stories we tell are what we listen to. What makes the Aegean anchovy project important is that it is aware of this fact. Describes our naïve...

Erkenci Kuş 14 Bölüm – Earlier Bird turkish episode 14

Erkenci Kuş 14
Erkenci Kuş 14 Bölüm - Earlier Bird turkish episode 14 After the preview is published, the trailer is also curious. Early Bird 14. The new episode trailer has not yet arrived. Publisher can not watch the organization publications are not published on the following page. The winning scenario is the scenario written by Early Bird. The statement is made in the...