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American Film My Beauty | فیلم سوپر ایرانی زیبای خفته

فیلم سوپر
American Film My Beauty | فیلم سوپر ایرانی زیبای خفته Hollywood's encounter with America has changed a lot during the history of cinema. Watching films in which American culture is neglected portrays the behavior of American capitalism in an insidious and unrealistic way. Ultimately, nothing but drug trafficking from Mexico and Latin America comes from the arrival of the imperialist...

Iranian Film Los Angeles Tehran 2018 (فیلم سینمایی لس آنجلس تهران)

Los Angeles Los Angeles Film Review Iranian comedy Los Angeles in Tehran with Parviz Parvestii in the group of its actors, is expected to be a different. The pure comedy is one of the weakest films in the history of Iranian cinema. It can be argued that the well-known label "vulgar comedy" is no longer functional for describing comedy films of...

Katyusha Iranian film

Katyusha film (Hadi Hejazifar) is an average middle-aged man who has experienced the war and is now busy criticizing government decisions on his Instagram page. But he will soon decide that the boy's boyfriend will be one of the most important figures in the country. A boy named Arshia (Ahmed Mehran Far), who was formerly involved with drugs and...

Iranian Film Dom Sorkhha 2018

dom sorkhha
Download Iranian Film Dom Sorkhha 2018 The Red Fox movie is one of the most recently featured Iranian comedy films. This film is directed by Arash Moeirian, to whom we have seen so many comedies. In this part of the astrology, we will introduce and criticize the Red Fox movie. Of course, since there has not been much time for it,...

Iranian Film Texas 2018 – فیلم تگزاس

Iranian Film Texas 2018 - فیلم تگزاس  Movie Texas Review "Texas" is fun, but it's basically no place in the cinema category. "Texas" is a totally industrial work and is offered as a commodity to the audience and  of course  the merchants of this film. I do not say that the filmmakers have a good bargaining power and they easily read their...