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Erkenci Kus 19 Bolum | (پرنده سحر خیز 19)

erkenci kus 19
Interesting Thing In Erkenci Kus 20 Erkenci Kus 19. watch the latest episode new 19. new chapter trailer watch new trailer Early Bird (star TV-YouTube watch this new trailer, watch the erkenci kus (star TV, Youtube) the final new episode was full of surprises. Has Kan made enough efforts to convince SANEM? Here's an early bird, you can watch after...


erkenci kus 18
ERKENCI KUS 18 BOLUM STORY REVIEW In erkenci kus 18 bolum Sanem cannot confess that he is jealous. How could he tell Can yet? He takes out Can to get rid of the situation. They drink a lot. They decide. Sanem won't interfere in Can's private life. Can Sanem! There will be no words other than what their business requires....