Sleep With Me 1994

After Noah, he looked at an American director who was expected to regain popularity among critics and cinema audiences with some modesty. Aronofsky, who has found many fables in expressing conceptual and semantic concepts with “Mother of the Dream”, “The Fountain” for a dream, “Mother of the Dream”, “The Mother!” It does not show any moderation, but with A very strong slap questioned everything and placed the concept of creation and the root of being in a symbolic analysis.

Mother! Not a normal movie. This work, like the controversial creation of the Austrian director, Von Trier, is “antichrist”, painful, unbelievable, hard and very painful. Aronofsky’s performance in this work was based on the formidable genre-based film, to the detriment of the audience’s suspense and excitement. Hence, Aronofsky’s reliance on filmmaking and directorial singles has become abundant. The director of the cast in the cast, one of the most talented female actors and honors, has chosen these days of cinema for his main character. Alongside the spectacular play, Jennifer Lawrence, if the content of the mother’s movie! It was not so hard, complex, and more importantly terrible, he could have won the Academy Awards and Honorary Award for the second time in his acting career. Along with Lawrence, Javier Bardum appears as the wife of a movie, who, in the first glance, does not conform to Lawrence in any circumstances, and this selection and arrangement by Darren Aronofsky is a manor on the strange figure of the mother’s movie! is.

Mother Darren Arnowski’s mother

Mother! Perhaps it is strange, and perhaps even the title is unintelligible, but the new Arsenal-Daren Archetych is a profound story of the tiny beliefs and motifs of the creation and path of human evolution. Aronofsky was always introduced as a director who had a lot of distress in the word “God” in his personal life, and his new post, directed by himself, is entirely private in his performance. In Aronofsky’s words, after Noah, he did not spend much money on any but “masterpiece”.

Notes by the film’s author La Strada, a dramatic road of life

In a statement, mother! The division is divided into two parts. The part where the movie takes a slow and gentle process and an exciting and very rhythmic episode. But the question is why the film has such a duality? Why does Aronovsky end up in turmoil and end up with the same mess and clutter? The director of the film does not spend the duality film on his film, and most of them define the story of the earth, a story that begins initially with hope and serenity, but ultimately leads to chaos. Mother! Everything is there! From the divine stories to the events of these human days until Aaronovsky’s look at human chastisement or hell and rebirth, and all these concepts, it is understandable that we have seen the film with the depth of existence, and we have touched the frequent, and understandably, director’s allegories.

Mother! The best movie of recent years is the cinema for those who love philosophical and allegorical cinema. In fact, the two-hour time film is a daunting paradise for Aronovsky’s lovers, perhaps one of the most iconic works of the American director. Mother! In my opinion, it is not normal and maybe one of the most genius-based cinematic works on the question of creation, the universe, human performance, and the relationship between creator and creature. A work that in its form of expression and content reminds the audience. Mother movie! Undoubtedly, it’s hard and heavy, and you have to read many analyzes to understand it, but let me make you think, Darren Aronofsky, mother’s screenplay! He is not born and born of his imagination! This is an honest and par excellence of the gospel and the history of mankind.

Mother Darren Arnowski’s mother

If from mom! Do not like it, this means that the sentence “The truth is always bitter” applies to you. Mother! The product of the year 2017 directed by Dareen Aaronovsky needs to dare to express and broadcast, and to know that this is the best-made cinematic work in the category of semantic and more religious beliefs, and may not have any trace of ability to deal with it in the meanings for years. In mom! Everything is weird, painful, tense and unconscious. Mother! Look deep and bored to stop your heart.


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