Skating Figure of All Time

Skating Figure of All Time

Skating Figure of All Time ,Long new year holidays-a great reason to learn something. Many in adulthood are afraid to get up on skates. because they think that it is too late-they say, it was necessary to start in childhood. That’s not so. Of course, you are unlikely to learn how to make a triple toe loop, but to enjoy the ride will be able to quite.

Skating rinks are different-from “boxes” in the yards or shopping centers to huge parks, when the ice is filled with whole alleys. For first exit on the ice recent not suited-you will need the bumpers, to initially to cling to them; indeed do, feel, that for them always can be to grab. In addition, the bumpers will help you slow down if you accelerate too much.

Try to choose an ice rink, which is not very many people — or just do not come in rush hour. It would be silly if the first skating will end with the fact that you accidentally bump into someone — or will be such a crush that step nowhere to step.


Russians are among the favorites

Pogorilaya in November became the winner of the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix, improving his personal record for the number of points scored in the short and free programs-215,21. For an exit to the final the Russian needs to get to Sapporo to the three prize-winners. To get a ticket to Marseille Pogorilaya can and with the worst result, but then she will have to hope for not too successful performance in Japan of other contenders for the final. In the meantime, the bronze medalist of the world Cup 2016 looks like the main favorite in the fight for victory in the final stage of the series.

Sotskova, the debutante of the adult Grand Prix, to get to the Final also need to finish in Sapporo in the top three. At her first stage in her career  held in Paris  the Russian figure skater took second place, losing only to Medvedeva and improving personal records in both programs and in the amount of points. Sotskova, who joined in the offseason to coach, Elena Buyanova, GM has overcome the barrier of 200 points in the amount of the estimates obtained for short and long rentals – 200,35.

skating figure

Kolyada needs to get into the top two

In the singles competition in Sapporo will be the favourites, without a doubt, Japanese Yuzuru the Han. At its starting stage in the season in Canada, the Olympic champion of Sochi lost to Patrick Chan and became the second.

gaining not a record amount of points-263.06. However, in anticipation of the start of Sapporo the Han, who currently holds all three world records in the men’s singles, have indicated their willingness to update those achievements – 110,95 219,48 in a short and arbitrary programs, and also 330,43 in total. And the complexity of the programs quite allows the Japanese figure skater, this season became the first in the history of the athlete who jumped in the program of the Quad rittberger, in the case of pure hire to encroach on these heights.


world sakting figure

Continues to fight for a ticket to Marseille and Israeli Alexei Bychenko, who became the third at the Grand Prix in Moscow. But the Russian Mikhail Kolyada, who was only the fourth in the Russian capital, needs to take one of the first two places to get to the Grand Prix Final in Sapporo. After his performance in Moscow Kolyada admitted that he usually enters the season slowly. “In fact, I’ve been entering the season for a long time. For me, every start is such a small test. But still from start to start everything turns out better and better,” said the skater.

In the same situation as Kolyada, is an American Nathan Chen. At the stage in Paris, the athlete became only the fourth, but having in their programs a large number of four, in the case of their net performance, can qualify for the highest place in Sapporo.

Full time duel

Russian dance Duo Victoria Sinitsina / Nikita Katsalapov, who became the fourth in Beijing a week earlier, given the intense struggle for the first six places in the final table, even in case of victory will not be able to secure access to the Final. Especially in Paris full-time struggle for the first time in the season will meet the winners of the last two world Championships, the French Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron and Olympic Champions of Vancouver, two-time world Champions Canadians Tessa Virtu/Scott moir, who returned to the ice after a long break.

top skating figure


In the pairs competition in Sapporo will perform two-time world Champions Canadians Megan Duhamel / Eric Radford, previously won the home stage in MISSISSAUGA. Place on the podium guarantees them participation in the decisive round of the series, as well as the Chinese Peng Cheng and Jin Yang, who last week became the second at the Grand Prix in Beijing. Their compatriots Wang Xuehan / Wang lei, who took the fourth place in the Cup of China, to win a ticket to the Final must be in Sapporo to become only the first.

beautiful skating figure

To reach the Final of the Grand Prix, Han needs to get to Sapporo in the top three winners, as well as American Jason brown, who was also at his stage in Chicago the second, and in his programs he performed only one Quad jump – toe loop.

One victory on home stages

The assets of both couples practicing in the same group, Canadians Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Losona, one victory on home stages, the Canadians won in MISSISSAUGA, and the French, respectively, in Paris. And those and others in Sapporo, it is sufficient to take a place in the top three to secure a part in the Final. In Japan will also perform world Champions-2014 Italians Anna Cappellini / Luca Lanotte, who took fourth place in Canada and have already lost the chance to travel to Marseille.



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