Serial Deldadegan 16 – سریال دلدادگان 16

Serial Deldadegan 16 – سریال دلدادگان 16

Deldadegan ٍEpisode 16

دلدادگان 16

For nearly a year, there is a lot of news about the series “Restless Feet”. The collection, which lasted for the first months of its filming in the Ghazali Cinematic City, was continuously broadcast on the faces of actors like Hamid Goodarzi, Arash Majidi and several others. Now, after a year, the series has been broadcast and has its first days. The series that has filled the antenna network in the last two weeks but has not yet succeeded in attracting a large audience. In the following, we have a brief look at the beginning of this 60-part series and its constructive factors.(دانلود دلدادگان شانزدهم)

(قسمت 16 پخش در تاریخ 5 شهریور 1397)

Where did the dancers Deldadegan come from?

The series “Deladdahan” is about three or four years ago, Babak Kaidan and Mehdi Mohammad Najadian are plotting with Iraj Mohammadi in December of 1995, and the script writes nine months, after pre-production, the filming of the series called The “Restless Feet” directed by Manouchehr Hadi begins on the end of August. The new collection is a Simafilm product and will be ordered by the front of the camera network. Thus, from the summer of last year until late July, all of this collection was related to the network of five. But by the end of August, 1997, and one year after its launch, Sima Films decided to send it to the antenna on the antenna of the 60-D network called “Deladdagh”.(دلدادگان قسمت 16)
دلدادگان 16
دانلود مستقیم سریال دلدادگان 16
This collection has three seasons, the first chapter of which covers the years 1357 to 1364. It’s been two weeks since the first chapter of the series went to the antenna.(سریال دلدادگان 16)

As a result of the salvation of a young girl, Amir opens her company to a company and continues to come to the strange adventures with her mother and daughter who owns the company, and even someone is killed in front of her eyes. Hadith is in love with his college boy who constantly turns his phones off and his mother is charged with murdering in prison, but tells the hadith that my mother is out of the country.(سریال دلدادگان ۱۶)

According to the director, from the news coming from the corners, it seems that the series is about to change the phase and get rid of this initial disruption. After that, the entire story goes back to the early years of the Islamic Revolution, and one should wait and see that Manouchehr Hadi and his serial actors can come true in the form of a family drama in the correct way of expressing contemporary Iranian history.(دانلود دلدادگان 16)

سریال دلدادگان جدید 16
دلدادگان 16


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