Serial Deldadegan 15 – سریال دلدادگان 15

Serial Deldadegan 15 – سریال دلدادگان 15

Deldadegan ٍEpisode 15

دلدادگان 15

The series is directed by Manouchehr Hadi and produced by Iraj Mohammadi in 60 episodes, and will soon be broadcast on the antenna.
The serial “Restless Feet” script has been written by Babak Kaidan and Mehdi Mohammadnejadian, and the series will be shot in 2 seasons and 3 phases.(دانلود دلدادگان پانزدهم)

سریال دلدادگان جدید 15
دلدادگان 15

(قسمت 15 پخش در تاریخ 4 شهریور 1397)

Synopsis of the serial Deldadegan

The television series “Restless Feet” depicts the adventures of the two families from the time of pre-revolution to the present in three seasons, two seasons and a season of the present time. “Restless legs” is a family and social collection, and it shows the story of the confrontation between the two families whose victims are the sons of those families. People in this story of local life and neighborhoods have been together and have a debate on combating addiction and economic corruption as part of the storyline of the series.(دلدادگان قسمت 15)
دلدادگان 15
دانلود مستقیم سریال دلدادگان 15
Serial actors Deldadegan

The series begins with parts of the present time, and then comes to 15 separate episodes in season one and three. Hamid Goodarzi, Arash Majidi, Linda Kiani, Mehdi Sabaei, Afsaneh Nasseri, Samira Hassanpour, Sirus Hemmati played in the second season.

The second season depicts 57-64. Sections of the past are being photographed in the city of Ghazali. One of the southern provinces is the war zones and locations that have traditional texture as well as other locations in the series.(سریال دلدادگان 15)

Pantea Bahram (The legend of the continued role of Linda Kiani), Massoud Free (owner of the continuing role of Arash Majidi), Mehrnah Mahin Torabi (Marzieh Continuing role of Samira Hasanpour) and Shahrokh Pavlik (Hatf), Siamak Saffarian (Amin), Melika Sharifinya (Hadith) , Masoud Delkhah (continued role of Majid Pakti), (Roya Mir-alami Acting actor Nooshin), Pouya Amini (Behzad), Sana Salari (Arghavan), Azadeh Riazi (Mahin), Bashad Sharifian (Samad), Saman Safari and Afsaneh This is the series.(سریال دلدادگان ۱۵)

Iraj Mohammadi, a serial producer of restless legs pointing to the production process of the series, which is being directed by Manouchehr Hadi, said that now more than 70 percent of the series is being captured and possibly captured by late June or mid-May. The beam will continue to produce it.(دانلود دلدادگان 15)


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