Most Scary Film Of 2018 | The Nun

The Nun Story

The Nun movie was supposed to define a horror scene for us. The director decided to use the successful formula of the first Conjuring film, but did the director of The Nun play well with James Wan, using this formula. Slow

Curie Hardy decided to pick up The Nun’s lead with a sampling of James Wan. Or at least one neat work to bring the audience to the summons. But the story here is that the director was not only trapped in stereotypes, but also made other mistakes in the way of making this film.

Director: Coreen Hardy
Producer Studio: Automotive Manger, New Line Cinema, Safran Company, Warner Bros. (Publisher)
Cast: Demian Beecher, Tessa Farmiga, Jonas Blok
Budget: $ 22 million (Sales at the Box at the time of writing: $ 66 million)
Usually, when a horror movie trailer is released, fans of this genre begin to judge the final product. Because the subject and theme are somewhat determined. Are there any bloodbaths going on in the film; are screenwriters and directors playing our nerves; are there any mysterious and multi-layer episodes in the Hereditary film, and that there are thousands of other questions that can be viewed somewhat by watching the trailer of a horror film? Answer these questions.

After the release of the first trailer, The Nun almost determined what kind of thing it would be for Warner’s brothers to do. But we still hoped for this effect. Because behind the screenplay of this film, the name of two people – James Won and Gary Doberman – shone. Two of the people who played a significant role in boosting the reputation of the summoned world.


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