Raghs Roye Shishe series part 4 | سریال رقص روی شیشه قسمت 4 چهارم

Raghs Roye Shishe series part 4 | سریال رقص روی شیشه قسمت 4 چهارم

Raghs Roye Shishe series Episode 4 | سریال رقص روی شیشه قسمت 4 چهارم

4 سریال ایرانی رقص روی شیشه is the name of a new series dedicated to the home screen, directed by Mehdi Golestaneh, a successful serial producer and romantic showbiz.

series Raghs Roye Shishe ghesmate 4 And it is supposed that Bahram Radan, who has just refused to play in the Dell Manuchehr Hadi series, is scheduled to play the role of the series, and this is the first time Radan is placed in front of the camera in a series. Also, the music section and composing the series to Farzad Farzin has been released, and soon the cast will be introduced.

رقص روی شیشه قسمت 7
Raghs Roye Shishe 4

دانلود قانونی قسمت 4 سریال رقص روی شیشه

کیفیت 480 * کیفیت 720 * کیفیت 1080

Raghs Roye Shishe 4

(با ای پی خارجی وارد شوید اگر صفحات باز نمی شود)

Raghs rooye shishe 3 Synopsis series on romantic and social story tells of immigration, marriage, family and common life, and seems to have a romantic romance in the whole atmosphere, but with more characters and more …

4 رقص روی شیشه
Raghs Roye Shishe ۴

Trailer Raghs Roye Shishe Episode 4

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دانلود قانونی قسمت 4 سریال رقص روی شیشه

The dance set will be on the glass in 26 parts. It is said that every part of this collection will have a separate reader and, ultimately, read the reader for dancing on the glass, which, according to the heard, has been so far, Makhan Band, Farzad Farzin, Reza Sadeghi, Yaser Bakhtiari (Yas), Hoorosh Bard, Mohammad Alizadeh and Babak Jahanbakhsh, their presence in this collection is definitive.

Raghs Roye Shishe ۴

It is also said that Farzad Farzin, as a romance, will also play a role in dancing on glass. Dance on glass A social melodrama in denial of immigration is different in praising the family and in terms of the number of characters in the romance series, as more cinematic characters will be present in the series.

The titles of this series coincided with the name of Makan Band. سریال رقص روی شیشه

دانلود رایگان قسمت 4 سریال رقص روی شیشه

Executed by: Mantra Taba Film, Investors: سریال رقص روی شیشه 2 Mehrdad Amirzavani and Mehdi Golestaneh, Director of Photography: Morteza Ghafouri.
Editor: Sepideh Abdul Wahab, Sound Director: Mohammad Kian Hercy, Designer Grim: Mehrdad Mirkhani, Costume Designer: Anita Juarchi,
پارت 4 رقص روی شیشه
رقص روی شیشه ۴

دانلود سریال رقص روی شیشه 4

Summary of Section 4 Raghs Roye Shishe : Humor is lost, everyone is looking for him, Rana is faced with hidden mysteries in this search. The secrets that change the way of life of both …
رقص روی شیشه 4
Raghs Roye Shishe ghesmat 4

Serial Raghs Roye Shishe ghesmat 4

قسمت سوم رقص روی شیشه Logo Designer: Mohammad Rooh Alamini, Scene Mens: Fatemeh Sayidi, Designer for Visual Effects: Behnam Khaksar , Designer and executor of the stuntman: Arshah Aghdasy.
making behind-the-scenes footage: Manny Powerhouse & Media Advisor & Public Relations Manager: May M. Mohammadi.
قسمت چهارم رقص روی شیشه
سریال رقص روی شیشه قسمت 4

قسمت 4 سریال رقص روی شیشه

wikipedia According to director and film producer Mehdi Golestaneh, the series now has the final stages of writing the screenplay. The director also added that the show would have at least 26 episodes serial Raghs Roye Shishe part 4 The Raghs Roye Shishe 4 theme of the series on the glass is a social melodrama that deals with immigration and family praise issues.

پارت 4 سریال رقص روی شیشه
Raghs Roye Shishe episode 4

Raghs Roye Shishe 4

The point at the first glance at posters and “dancing on glass” teasers is the Raghs Roye Shishe 4 familiar logo that you will notice carefully, reminds you of one of the most popular works of the home screen, “romance”. This resemblance does not seem to be coincidental, and even it may even be said, a hint of deliberate “romance” logo in the The Dance Show on the Glass part 4 design of the “dance on glass” logo.

قسمت اول رقص روی شیشه After the end of the “romance”, many were waiting for the production and supply of the second chapter of the series, and always these hopes came with counter-contradictory statements.

serial raghs roye shishe
سریال رقص روی شیشه 4

دانلود رایگان رقص روی شیشه 4

episode 4 Raghs Roye Shishe Now that Manuchehr Hadi is building his own collection, the romance” producer, Mehdi Golestaneh, who has a history of making some cinematic works, is back with a “dance on glass”, a romantic and social melodrama, and it seems that everything Is so well arranged that the success of “romance” is repeated in larger dimensions.

Raghs Roye Shishe episode 4

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