Most Powerful Women In The World

Most Powerful Women In The World

Most Powerful Women In The World .Nicole bass – American athlete Fuchs, professionally engaged in wrestling and bodybuilding. Despite the fact that this girl is seriously passionate about sports, she manages to combine all this with an acting career. Nicole started bodybuilding in her youth and today is considered one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world.

Born in Illinois, USA. One of the few athletes who managed to achieve unprecedented success at the initial stage of his career. Before that, Kim was fond of acrobatics, but after a rapid success decided to do bodybuilding seriously. The enthusiasm of the girl gave its results-just 3 years later she becomes a professional IFBB. Now Kim is not engaged in bodybuilding, but that does not mean that she left the sport. Now the woman brings up 2 children and continues to organize bodybuilding tournaments.


Yolanda Hughes Yolanda

Yolanda Hughes Yolanda — body-Builder-professional from the state of Tennessee, United States. The girl was nicknamed “Goyo”. Hughes was raised by her grandmother and since childhood was a very energetic girl, so my grandmother decided to give it to the local youth center in the section on gymnastics and athletics. The experience helped her to reach the top in bodybuilding.

Initially, sports was a way for Lisa to improve their own health, but later she realized that this is her life. Akland doesn’t do bodybuilding to compete with someone the size of a muscle. Bodybuilding for this woman is a daily lifestyle.

Shopping center in St. Petersburg. Expensive Windows. Huge galleries, on which trek enchanted tourists. In the center of one of these passages — an island with cosmetics of the Dead sea. On this patch of about six square meters spinning four women. No one wants to watch their creams for 10 000 rubles for a jar. No one stops in response to their greetings. Women stand like that in the morning, because they can’t sit down. They have angry and anxious faces. Stale skin.

One, still a young girl, in a poorly disguised subcutaneous acne, which she tried to hide the creams. Even if people in Russia are quite mad and ran to spend the last money on creams with mud of the Dead sea, these women they would still have nothing to buy-too sad and hopeless consultants look.

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They can’t look any different. I sit across from them on the bench and watch. Here is one, older, nervous, she’s shifting from foot to foot, he wants to leave, but is afraid. Having caught a minute when around there will be no passersby, they gather in the center of the patch and agree about a dinner.

One, the eldest, sent to the supermarket for rolls and yogurt. They have fifteen seconds to agree on everything, because after a short pause, the flow of people is resumed, and the duty of cosmetic fairies — to lure these passers-by. And somewhere along the Mall wanders incognito superintendent, which follows closely that on the island with creams seething illusion work. Otherwise, everybody gets fired.

Women are sad because they know they’re about to lose their jobs. In the hour I was sitting across from them, only one person came up to them.

He was given a sniff of the cream, smeared a little on his hand and he left. They stand behind a beautiful showcase foursome and understand that here and for one job there. They’re probably on probation. Minimum salary and bonus, are tied to sales. Another week or two and they’ll just kick some of them out. And it is good if at least the minimum will pay. And they may not pay, because they only sold a tube of pasta for a month.


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