New Turkish Film Kill Me, Darling (2019)

The story

Original name: Oldur Beni Sevgilim

In the new Turkish film Kill Me Darling tells about a couple and each of them wants to kill his other half. The main character are Demet and Okan, a couple which are married for 5 years. However, despite the years of life together, their relationship is not very good. The love story of this family  began as a fairy tale, continued with great excitement and reached a happy ending.

New Turkish Film Kill Me, Darling (2019)

However, since their lives became ordinary after marriage, all the touching feelings within the couple began to die. After a five year period, the couple becomes “overloaded” with each other. Although they want a different life, they cannot express it. As a result, Demet and Okan begin to get upset from each other.

The most interesting thing is that neither husband nor wife express their discontent out loud. Thus, they become a victim of a great misunderstanding on the anniversary of their wedding. As a result, the five-year errors of the husband and wife lead to the fact that they decide to kill each other. It remains the case for small things – to find a suitable way, a case, as well as a time and place.

The whole comedy of tragedy lies in the fact that the executioner does not suspect that he is at the same time a victim. A character named Okan personifies the famous singer Murat Boz. The role of Demet went to actress Sede Bakan. The premiere in cinemas will be held in 2019.


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