Movie Extramarital 1998 – Eine tödliche Affäre

Movie Extramarital 1998 – Eine tödliche Affäre

Ryan and Esposito are bored when Beckett comes to them. Ryan even plays with a raw egg he tries to balance on an edge. It does not work, even though he claims that Castle made it last year. When mentioning Castles name hesitates Beckett and Ryan catches a blow from Esposito on the neck. Beckett denies that she misses him and would never call him. Either he will come back or not.

The team is called to a crime scene where a woman, Chloe Whitman, was killed with several shots. She then fell out of the window and landed on the awning of the apartment building. The apartment from which she fell, however, was uninhabited. The friend of the victim, Evan Murphy, can not give them any useful information either. Whitman had been with him for six months and worked as a chemistry teacher.

 Extramarital 1998 Movie Online
Extramarital 1998 Movie Online

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However, Lanie found a note in the hand of the corpse with an address on it. To the Beckett, Ryan and Esposito finally drive. The door of the apartment is open and the rooms are ransacked as they hear sounds from one of the rooms. In the bedroom, a man stands over the bed with a pistol in his hand. When he turns around, the three recognize that it is Castle. Beckett arrests him for suspicion of murder.

Traci Lords for In the interrogation Castle does not want to admit that he is actually under suspicion of murder. He rather flirts with Beckett and learns that she is no longer with Demming. Castle explains that the victim, Maya Santori, is a friend of Sculpture Artists. She had called him because she was in trouble. When he arrived at her apartment it was already broken and since he had heard noises, he took the weapon that was in the room. For his own protection. This also confirms the balistics, because the victim was shot with a different caliber. Beckett sends him home and does not want him at work anymore. The rest of the troupe also shows him the cold shoulder, which makes Castle very unsure.

 Extramarital 1998
Extramarital 1998 Full Movie

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At home he meets his mother and daughter. It’s a crisis mood because the guy from Alexis Summer Schools has not contacted yet. He had promised to call as soon as he was back from Europe, but he has not done so yet. Castle asks her why she does not call him and puts himself on the side of the young man, after all, he does not know how Alexis still stands with him. But Alexis does not want to know anything about him.

Download Extramarital 1998
Download Extramarital 1998

Beckett is lost in thought in the station and stares at the empty chair next to her desk. Esposito pulls her out of her thoughts and tells her that the killings are likely to have something to do with each other, because the bullets were fired from the same weapon. However, neighbors and relatives have stated that they do not know each other’s victims. Esposito and Ryan set out to survey the victims’ financial situation and phone list.

 Extramarital 1998 Full Movie Online

Beckett meanwhile talks to Lanie. However, since Beckett does not want to tell her anything about Castle, she reports that both victims have a tattoo and they look similar in style. She suspects that they were made by the same tattoo artist. In addition, Chloe Whitman had the numbers 227 on her hand, which she must have written about a week ago on her hand and a taxi bill.

Castle is at the scene of Maya Santori. He talks to an officer who watches the door and learns that Beckett is already gone. With the help of two coffees and biscuits, he impresses the official that he can look around the apartment again and will soon find it.

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Ryan and Esposito have found another connection between the victims, because the phone calls are the same number. The team storms Todd McCutchin’s home and again finds Castle standing over Todd’s body. Before Beckett can arrest him again, he explains that he found her cell phone in the apartment of Maya and dialed the last called number, through the mailbox announcement he has found out the name and researched his address on the Internet. Beckett wants to send Castle away because he does not want to work with them anymore, otherwise he would have come back earlier. But Castle can change her mind that he is allowed to handle this case.


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