Movie Extramarital

To date, three titles have been made in the series of Johnny Anglican films that have been seven years apart. In the meantime, a lot of things have happened to the cinema. Since the first episode of the movie in 2003, to date, both the comedy genre and the action genre have experienced many ups and downs over the past decade, as well as cinema audiences today Looking for new demands for comedy – action. But the third part, “Johnny English,” which came to the cinema again this time with “Johnny English hits”, does not seem to have the ability to catch the attention of viewers today.

The story begins when Johnny Engleys retires and teaches children as a teacher at a school. We know that he is not going to teach spy children, but one thing is that the school’s kind teacher will once again wear his own suit and return to his former profession, and that the hacking of the organization and the deployment of spyware services The secret of Britain is that it can bring a more complex crisis than its withdrawal from the European Union! In the sequel to the story, we are again faced with his pranks during the mission.


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