Man asheghe to hastam series part 53 | سریال من عاشق تو هستم قسمت 53

  Man asheghe to hastam series part 53 | سریال من عاشق تو هستم قسمت 53 پنجاه و سوم

  Man asheghe to hastam series part 53 | سریال من عاشق تو هستم قسمت 53 پنجاه و سوم

“I love you.” “Man asheghe to hastam series part 53Love story of Renoir is a poor boy and his daughter, a wealthy businessman. Renoir, born in a poor family, works in his home during his childhood. Father Reneeir is the father of his father. They grow up together and become intimate friends. Renoir loves them in the world of childhood, but hides this feeling because he knows that their families have a lot of class differences. Years pass and they grow up. And …

The serial I Love You is produced in 446 episodes.

من عاشق تو هستم سریال

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Man asheghe to hastam series part 5353 من عاشق تو هستم : Ranveer is now free to become a successful businesswoman under the new name, RV. Meanwhile, the Arshin family faces a shortage of money due to the death of his father Hāršad.

Spagha’s mother, Fulgani, married the man who was born Nathin Jashish after Hearst’s death. They are when they are auctioned

They fight for their former mansion and eventually Ranveer ends and when they lose their case,

Lose all their money. When Chirag finds out, he will leave his wedding day when he finds out that he is no longer a rich man.

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قسمت 53 من عاشق تو هستم Ranwayh knows that his mother, Amba, is probably the reason for the incident. So, just as Asahani was alone on his wedding day,

A ranor volunteered to marry Ishavani to marry her family, even if the driver had already committed to marry Rita Zawiri, a wealthy jeweler from Zwahiri jewelery.

Ranor is happy that his dream came true, and he could be pleased with his romantic love, ultimately.

However, Oshani still does not like her and only marries after her mother has asked for her.

, Finds out that Ranor is the only one who can save his family from poverty.

One-way love of Ranveer and respect for Isaac makes him realize that they are likely to return to their friends at least.

قسمت 53 من عاشق تو هستم
سریال من عاشق تو هستم 53

قسمت 53 سریال من عاشق تو هستم

Chirag, who is now his ex-wife, returns after leaving Isaac at his wedding.

Chirag wants to take revenge on Ranor so that he will succeed in convincing Ezani that the real cause of his father’s death is Harsad Ranour.

Ishashi does not believe him at first, but Chirag uses a lot of resources to convince him that Ranor has killed his father Haresad.

The basics are daunting, and for this reason, on the day of the Caravagh chat, he takes over the whole day with chipping, trying to find more evidence.

On the same day, Chirag runs the car over Shenela, and his brother promises to take revenge on his sister’s condition.

سریال کامل من عاشق تو هستم
سریال من عاشق تو هستم 53

Man asheghe to hastam 53

Later on, Shannela wakes up and tells the brother that he is trying to be killed by his lover. Ranveer, thought Ishanani was the culprit,

He blames for him and makes the girl’s brother think Ranveer has put her in the hospital. Meanwhile, Chirag tried

To exceed Ishaani, but did not do this, but put some of the symptoms on Isaac’s body. Chirag also tells Ishaani that Ranveer is not the killer of his father.

He also says that Ranveer made you closer to me and loves you.

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Ishanani then leaves, and then Ranveer finds that he has escaped with his wife and he is opposed to Auschani,

She was shot by the brother of a girl and transferred to the hospital. As he lies in a coma, he tells his love for him ultimately.

When he wakes up, he has lost all confidence in Ishaqia. Isaiah is the winner of Ranveer’s love.

Rita (now the wife of Ranveer’s ex-fiancée) is about to marry Ishashi’s cousin, Sharman, but marries her marriage,

As the father of Sanya Zaweri, father of Rita, dies because his father knows that his daughter is pregnant. Chirag and Ranveer fight in a secluded place

And Asahani, following this pair, enters his body. According to Ranor, he has been murdered, he blames and goes to jail, is sentenced to death.

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