Mamnooe series part 10

Summary of Part 10 Mamnooe Series

At the beginning of the third part, Amir Jafari, who plays the role of Sami’s father, sees himself losing money. And the receiver’s sinking person is unable to pay the sink money, and for this reason

Sami’s father takes his mother’s villa and writes his document in his name.

He also listens to the idea of ​​immigration from Iran while he is talking to Hagar.

Khosrow also talked to her sister Hagar about cynicism. The skeptic of being abandoned is talking to him and constantly hears him.

The father of the pond has also seen Mohsen for selling his fish to the north

And he who asks for the pond is rejected by the answer, because he knows what to say to her.Khosrow’s and Reza’s quarrels for suspecting betrayal in life
The pond is also discharged from the hospital and goes home with Khosrow, Rossa and Hagar

mamnooe 10

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This time Khosrow’s girlfriend has just left her home For the nervous breakdown, the room will stir him up and, after they come there, will make him nervous. Under the pretext of the glasses, he throws the door open, and after Khosrow opens the door and closes it quickly

And this causes abandonment and does not see anyone behind the door after opening it.

And this causes a fight between Khosrow and Abdullah, and he leaves Nikki Karimi after leaving home

As his daughter plays the butterfly, she goes to the street to eat ice cream.

Going out of the pond and the Sami and asking for a strict Sami from the pond
The pond and his mother’s father are at night at Khosrow’s house where Sami is to see the pond

He comes to the door of his house and asks him to come to the front of the balcony to see him.

After that, they go out and talk in front of the house and in the Sami car.

The father of the pond, who wakes up from his outing, goes to the window and sees him and Sami in the car.

After that, Sami and the pond went to a quiet place and talked to each other, and Sami asked the pond to send Mohsin SMS

She tells her she is married to Sami, and if she calls again, Sami will face him hard.

The pond does not initially load, but ultimately sends the SMS

Sami says she does not need to, and only she wants to be honest.

Facing the pond with her father and Sami with her friends
When the pond returns home, he faces his father in front of the door and goes to his room without any words.

Sami also encounters with her when she sees her friends and says why she threatened Mohsen with a knife.

And after having fought with them, he tells them to remove the money and account from their drawer and no longer wants to see them.

He is happy when one of the boys wants to take the money

She goes with two gifts and laughs at them for their work.

Sami’s ex-wife’s song re-entry into the story
Sami’s former nominee song goes to the lawyer of the Sami tribal family and says he intends to leave Iran.

And for this reason, he wants to pull out the capital of his father who has now died from what he has partnered with the father of Sami.

The pond also remembers the story of the love of the pond and Sami.

After the song leaves the lawyer’s office, the attorney contacts the father of Sami and tells the story.

And then it’s decided to make Sami happy to come up with a little song.

After that, Sami wants her father to ask for a garden house he has recently received for her request

And his father also does this if he comes along with the songwriter’s concluding ceremony and talks with the song.

Khosrow and Parvaneh meet each other, remember the memory and drow, and after the pain, the butterfly goes home.

And faces a celebration that will take place on the occasion of their anniversary.

Mamnooe ghesmat 10

What you see in the fourth part of the banned series
Sami, his father and his lawyer, went to the end of the song and Sami speaks with the song.

He also takes the pond to the garden house taken from his father and enjoy them together.

The songwriter also says that the song wants to withdraw its capital from the Ramsar project.

Sami speaks to the father of the pond and says that the pond is very important to him and stands on his feet.

The license also requires Khosrow to specify his duties sooner.

The song is also after Khosrow’s call several times and will not respond

Due to the openness of the tap, he went to the bathroom and saw a strange scene.

Criticism of the Third Part of the Prohibited Series
Banned Iranian TV series with a Turkish-style story
In the third part of the banned series, we see new events and scenes that are rare in the Iranian series

And most of all in the Turkish series, you see such scenes.

After the audience finds that the butterfly is married in addition to the relationship with Khosrow, who is married

And both of them marry their husbands while they are married, and it’s entirely related to the Turkish series.

Also, some scenes that are fake and obvious dialogues make the work slightly light.

Of course, so far, the new series has been well received in the home screen and seems to be getting better

Because scenes that are a bit marginal have been controversial in virtual networks As well as playing the famous actors in the series, the story and the new routine can attract audiences. Because the +16 tag that represents the age group of audience over 16 is also more intriguing to see the series.

Although some of the scenes in the series may be weak, the banned serial can be

A good starting point for removing Iranian series and movies from duplicate templates and procedures.