Mamnooe Series Episode 20 | سریال ایرانی ممنوعه قسمت 20 بیستم

Mamnooe Series Episode 20 | سریال ایرانی ممنوعه قسمت 20 بیستم

Mamnooe part 20 | 20 سریال ممنوعه قسمت

The دانلود سریال ممنوعه Serial Mamnooe 20 and The Twentieth part of the home collection was surprisingly the last part of the first season. Now that we are sure, will narrate in a few chapters, we can more easily talk about the story’s extension.

ممنوعه 20 کامل
mamnooe 20 full

دانلود قانونی قسمت 20 سریال ممنوعه

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Episode 20 Mamnooe


(با ای پی خارجی وارد شوید اگر صفحات باز نمی شود)

In سریال ایرانی ممنوعه the first chapter, we got acquainted with the main characters, their position, and the overall space of the collection.

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Episode 20 Mamnooe

In the sequel to this approach, in the last part of سریال ممنوعه this chapter, we have witnessed events and events that will bring the viewer into the second chapter. which seems to be a narrative with more intentions, nodes and more floating.

ممنوعه قسمت 20
سریال ممنوعه قسمت 20

دانلود قانونی قسمت 20 سریال ممنوعه

The In the next part of the serial mamnooe part 19 20th, this time we saw the arrival of the closest and the first category to the world of the characters of the story. Gold (Anahita Darqa’i), which in the previous sections has noticed the problem of his addiction and his problems, this time in a barrage that rescue is not easy.

20 ممنوعه
سریال ممنوعه قسمت 20

serial mamnooe part 20

ممنوعه ۲۰‏

Gold, after talking with Sami, had realized that he had to leave his addiction, mamnooe ghesmat 18 but he did not have enough motive for this great action.

wikipedia serial mamnooe ghesmate 20 Now, the gold, used for interior design of a office (a familiar story), is raped after the use of drugs to spoil the glass world created for itself.

سریال ممنوعه قسمت 20
Mamnooe S02E07

دانلود رایگان قانونی قسمت 20 سریال ممنوعه

Gold, which we understand from his conversations with Sami, is one of the finest examiners in the world, a girl whose designing work talks to everyone is humiliated in the worst possible way, and this humiliation is an incentive to rebuild himself.

serial mamnooe 20 On the other hand, Khalil (Nima Sha’ban Nezhad), is encouraged by his doctor and Azar (memory of Hatami) to his family to face his reality.

دانلود قانونی سریال ممنوعه قسمت 20

In a shining sequence, Pourkian, as a director, with no margin and a lot of troubles, shows the painful situation of Khalil and his likes. Khalil, dressed in feminine clothes, goes to his traditional family and faces his sharp reaction.

Alongside the protagonists, the main characters of the “Prohibited” story are also in critical situations in the thirteenth section.

پارت 20 ممنوعه
سریال ممنوعه قسمت 20

دانلود سریال ممنوعه 20

Having runaway with her son, her butler has been angry with her ex-wife, Forbidden 18 and Soheil (Pejman Bazghi), who uses her child and her maternal license to bring her back to life, is now pursuing her.

Khosrow and Soheil meet in a suspended sequence so that the viewer knows that the story of love between Khosrow and Parvaneh has not yet come to and end despite the release of the map.

سریال کامل ممنوعه قسمت 20
mamnooe ۲۰‏

قسمت 20 سریال ممنوعه

Mamnooe Series S02E07

The pond and Sami also celebrate their recent successes to celebrate small joy like eating alongside each other so that this beautiful calm breaks down with a fatal storm.

As we guessed, the incarnation, with all its apparent kindness, captured Sami and the pond in the fork of its map. The pond must now choose between the prison, his family and his dignity and Sami.

Iranian series mamnooe 20 | 20 ممنوعه

فصل دوم قسمت هفتم ممنوعه
سریال ممنوعه 2 قسمت 7

دانلود سریال کامل ایرانی ممنوعه The conditions that conflux past the pond are so sensitive that the pond, and even the Sami did not think, and are now drowning among the bogus contingency plans and plans.

With good play, Amir Jafari, who appeared in the previous sections, seemed to be soft in the pond and even opened his own tablecloth, turned his stomach and calculus, and mercilessly condemned and threatened the pond and the future. The romantic love of Sami and the Pond is in a state of ambiguity.

دانلود ممنوعه فصل دوم قسمت 7
ممنوعه فصل دوم قسمت هفتم

Mamnooe Part 20

  The second chapter of the series ممنوعه 19 which is said to be uninterrupted after the end of the first season, will undoubtedly be of great attraction and will mark the lovely characters of this series in the storm of events.

The Twelfth Part of the Prohibited Collection, in the sequel to the 15th episode, examined the confrontation of Khosrow with the plan of the abandonment. Eventually, the license was forced to admit that the release was not played from place to place, and really interested in Khosrow.

Khosrow, who saw herself in the middle of the tunnel, could not trust her, despite her great interest in the other butterfly, but the appearance of the game was the final shot to the narrow strands left of her marital relationship and abandoned all her efforts to save her This relationship finally came to a halt.

قسمت 7 ممنوعه از فصل دوم
mamnooe part 20

دانلود مستقیم سریال ممنوعه قسمت 20

mamnooe 20

by designing a strange and complex love triangle between these three people, showed how human emotions and feelings in dealing with love could be dangerous and destructive.

In all the adventures of the abandonment and the butterfly versus Khosrow, we are witnessing the occasional intrusion of love, and sometimes the situation is so tumultuous and unpardonable that we can not catch it anyway.

What is found in the relationship between these three people is more than anything else, it’s a failure.

Khosrow, Reza, and Butterfly, each of whom had the status of the relationship, all three failed, although Khosrow knew Reza as the winner of the game, but faced with the fact that he believed it became expensive and, of course, accepted it It will not be easy for him.

ممنوعه قسمت بیستم
قسمت 20 سریال ممنوعه

Serial mamnooe ghesmat 20

In addition to all this, Mrs. Butterfly is in a full-fledged war with her former spouse and must fight for her mother’s right.

The role of a butterfly is so close to Nikki Karimi’s career as to seem to reflect a defeated and oppressive woman.

which is why the permission has come to such an extent and is the most brilliant compared to recent acts by Nikki Karimi.

On the other hand, in the twelfth section, we witnessed the confession of the pond that we had been waiting for some time. ممنوعه پارت 20 A confession that was a pure joke in friendly terms and as we thought it was not a dramatic knot.

Mamnooe series Season 2 Episode 7

But in the sequel, the gold (Anahita Dorkha), which did not have a high profile since the beginning of the collection, is suffering from epileptic seizure due to drug use, and this is where Sami and his friends realize that for a while he has been in this situation Is.

Sami’s admission to Sami about the impact of material on his thinking and will is an opportunity for the filmmaker to strengthen the character and position of Sami in the script and story, and improve his relationship with the viewer. Sami, in spite of all his personal conflicts, Serial Mamnooe does not care about his friends and even looks like a caring father or older brother. he listens to their hearts and laughs, changes their feelings and feelings.

The twelfth part ended with a major surprise. Amir Jafari, in the role of Tarraghi, had the opportunity to play with his ever-brilliant play, the human dimension and, at the same time, unpredictable of this character to the viewer.

سریال رایگان ممنوعه
ممنوعه 20

On the other hand, when the song comes to him at the end of his life. he turns into a restless concourse in the same unobtrusive, dry way that we have seen him so far, to remind him again. that this character is a surreptitious book that we still do not know much about him.

ممنوعه فصل دوم قسمت هفتم

Forbidden series IRAN | iranian series mamnooe

When the song tells us the story of the beginning of a war against contemplation, it only listens to the viewer in the same tune as the deceitful and charming character of the merciful and compassionate bride.

in a complete silence without giving any sense to the viewer, but When the song is about to leave her office. she says that she can change the fate of all the characters and make the story more complicated and attractive: “A little patience, Dawn is near.”

Now we can rest assured that the incarnation has a role in the head, and Sami and the pond walked in trust with him right in the middle of it.

Mamnooe Series Season 2 Episode 7 / سریال ممنوعه فصل 20 قسمت بیستم