Mamnooe ghesmat 9

Mamnooe series 1 episode 9 | دانلود سریال ممنوعه قسمت 9

Mamnooe part 9 – 9 سریال ممنوعه قسمت

Sami, a rich father, marries at his request, but is dissatisfied with this marriage. He is a boxer who plays in secret rings. The story begins with his last appearance on the ring. Contrary to other players, Sami does not have the money to participate in such matches, but only wants to fight to find herself.

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The first part of the banned series was distributed on the home screen network and we expect to have a well-designed serial. The mamnooe ghesmat 9 series might have a place similar to Shahrzad, in the absence of a rival, as the best screen series.Prohibited series As shown in the first part, the story of a young man named Sami is a manifestation of the good game of Milad Ki Maram.

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سریال ممنوعه قسمت 9
سریال ممنوعه قسمت 9

Sami dismisses a member of the group who is a girl named Pesha with Goddess Hessary, but understands that the pond is associated with a young doctor. So after a fight with the pond from a villa that returns to Tehran north. The pond follows him to Tehran, but he crashes along the way. Now you should see what happens next.

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Watching the banned series is not recommended for scenes like smoking for people under the age of 16 years. The director and producer’s emphasis on limiting age is one of the less positive things we see.On the other hand, the banned serial is a well-crafted serial that has a fictional story and easily accompanies the audience. Watch this series with a DVD price of 10,000 USD.

After this match, Sami divorces his wife and then the story goes back two years later. Now Sami is a member of a youth group. A group that has laws and indeed bans its own. They are having fun in the north in the villa.

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 Knowing friends of the pond from his accident

The same thing has caused Hagar to go awry, and Khosrow and his wife have arrived at this moment and help Hajar sit down on the chair. Azar who had met the pond and the Sami, was constantly contacting the pond But he did not get the result and he did not give up the pink phone until he was a sami To the place where he is unaware of the invitation of the pond, he is disputing with his friends.That same time the father of the pond removed the phone and everyone was aware of his accident.

After seeing everyone in the hospital, Khosrow’s accident happens to be Sami And they ask him about Mohsen, but they do not get the exact answer.Sami and her friends are waiting in the car waiting for the pond to be transferred to the section.Azar calls his friend to come quickly and see him behind the glass.No serious damage and transfer of pond to the sector
Meanwhile, one of the pets’ relatives tells them that the pond has not seen any damage and has only been anxiously shocked.

And for this reason his father has left the pond and Hajar and Khosrow and his wife are moving towards the house.

Khosrow called his girlfriend at home and called the door out of the house, but she says she will go back a little slowly.Meanwhile, he also makes cosmetics at Khosrow’s home After eating a coffee, he leaves his lipstick on the glass and leaves the house.Wake up the wife of Khosrow from her betrayal and fights
When they arrive home, Khosrow’s wife discusses the cup with Khosrow.

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سریال ممنوعه 9
سریال ممنوعه قسمت 9

Azar also goes to the Sami home, and Sami is drunk and finds himself on the sofa while he’s so bad.After hearing Azar with Sami, Sami, who is very upset about the distant pond, is wrong about him.And the pond has said that he still loves Sami, so Sami cries for conscience, cries And he wants to quickly see the pond. For this, Azar and other Sami friends attended the hospital

 9 And by having fun, the father of the pond will meet the pond and the Sami And the pond and the Sami will remember each other and eventually reconcile with each other.Criticism of the Second Part of the Banned Serial
The second part of the banned series can be full of scenes.That the director can create momentary moments for the user is very good

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But building stereotypical excitements with a definite end, such as the arrival of Hajar, Khosrow and his wife, seems to be somewhat stereotyped.Or even the moment Khosrow enters the room with the ice and the ice.It’s also possible at moments when Sami and Pond want to talk to each other And the friends of Sammy, the father of the pond, entertain the movie with more creativity.Also, the scene that Sami wants from the pond is to be real and not Sami Fik

دانلود مستقیم سریال ممنوعه قسمت 9
دانلود مستقیم سریال ممنوعه قسمت 9

Summary of the 9th Part of the Prohibited Series
At the beginning of part 9, Amir Jafari, who plays the role of the Sami father, sees himself losing money.And the receiver’s sinking person is unable to pay the sink money, and for this reason Sami’s father takes his mother’s villa and writes his document in his name.He also listens to the idea of ​​immigration from Iran while he is talking to Hagar.Khosrow also talked to her sister Hagar about cynicism. The skeptic of being abandoned is talking to him and constantly hears him.

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In mamnooe ghesmat 9 In his latest work, Lanthymus continues to use the space of narration to narrate the story, but at the same time it has largely departed from the complex artistic form used in recent years. Here the story is simpler and mixed with the concepts of satire. The story of three women, one of whom is sick and does not know what is going on around him, and another story about the rivalry between two individuals to attract the attention of the Queen and influence the court. This story had more drama than what it supposed to be, but Lantymus preferred to narrate the tune of humor, which sometimes comes to madness. A joke that does not lead to a position and results in words and glances and has a high executive power.

The unique lighting of the movie, taken from the natural light, also brings a special visual effect and makes the audience closer to the story, and this feeling gets bigger by filming. The 35-mm filming of the film gives the audience the opportunity to watch and enjoy watching open-air and very beautiful faces. This important and, of course, high-end decision is about the “Mile” and despite the fact that most framing films are widespread and vast in scope, but in the scenes, the camera is also in the best position, which makes the entire The minutes of the film are similar to painting frames.

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  The narration of what we see in Googles does not have much historical authenticity and is a heartbreak of historians. It is said that a large part of the traditions of that property, written by Sarah, have been written with pessimism and, of course, anger, and not historically valid. “Sogli” is also based on Sarah’s narratives, and of course some of Winston-Chelsea’s writings, and the authors have said that they have used their best efforts to be as clear and quoted as possible from the queen’s character. This film has been brought to the cinema by the director, who can be named as one of the European filmmakers who owns the name.

The legendary Yugoslav Lantmios of Greece, which was formerly composed of “crabs” and “the killing of the holy deer”, is one of the most successful works of cinema in recent years, and this independent work is no exception. Unlike his previous two works, Lantmius has tried to capture the girl in relation to his style of filmmaking that does not understand how to formulate, but has tried to showcase a film that can attract the audience’s attention. Surely you can still find the easy way to track Lantymouth creations in the “miracle”.

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“Green Book” is the story of the musician of the black musician and musician Don Sherley in various cities throughout the United States in the 60’s. Sherley was known as an unusual phenomenon in jazz music. He was the one who basically changed the rules of playing jazz music and basically the standard of playing it, and it was done in his style.

While mastering music, Sherry had a stupendous learning ability, so that he could speak 8 languages ​​in the world and professionally paint. He also holds a PhD in Psychology, Music and Art. The “Green Book” refers to the 60th anniversary of this composer, which was associated with various events.

Mamnooe ghesmat 9

The story starts from where Sherley (Mahshasala Ali) plans to start a trip in the United States and knows that he is not going to be safe in all parts of the country! As a result, she decides to hire a white driver and Tony (Vigo Mortensen), who works in a night club and has a lot of interest in using violence! Tony agrees to accompany Sherley on the trip, but the differences between these two different adventures throughout the story and …

The “Green Book” of road works is a camouflage that is supposed to be the contradiction between the two main characters of the story. Here, Sweetheart is a selfish person who is highly motivated by principles that can not tolerate low-level behaviors, and is in contrast to Tony who has a completely different perspective on the sweetness.

He is not very tolerant and often solves his problems by punching. Tony also does not have much ability in literature and writing, so when writing letters to his family, he usually can not convey what he feels. The contradictions between Tony and Sherley are not just about their color, but they are in the opposite direction in social approaches and personal beliefs.

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With intelligence, the film has been able to escape the time of the Tony and Sherry conflicts. A society that at that time had begun an endless struggle with the black community that this racism was well depicted in the Green Book.

Throughout our story, along with these two, we go to different places where there is a general belief in the humiliation of the black community. The idea that the name of the movie is somehow inspired also refers to a book called The Green Book of Black Driver, published over half a century ago in the United States, listing hotels and dishes and, in total, the service The ones that black people could use would be mentioned.

The Green Book, with its tight script, has been able to raise its critique of society and its misconceptions, many of which are even today, while at the same time raising the two main characters of the story to maturity. Two characters who do not have a good understanding of each other, but gradually find out that the presence of each one is a blessing to others. Tony learns from this journey and learns from new experiences, and Sherly soon realizes that he can not always hide behind his glamorous appearance and principles, and sometimes he needs to be removed from the table and the tone He points out that he is a red line for him.