Mamnooe ghesmat 11

TV and the network of the mamnooe series chapters Part 11, banned talking
Authors: Oyster Pikhamim, published on Dec. 2, 1397

As you know, the fifth part of the banned serial was released this week. In the critique of the fifth part of the Prohibited series, it can be said that the story is about to eventually transfer information to the audience.

Mamnooe part 11

As you know, the fifth part of the banned serial was released this week. According to the routine in this text, we will deal with you with the Prohibited Series Critique of Part Five and try to look a little bit more vivid to the details in this part of the Prohibited Serial, followed by a critique of the Prohibited Series Part 5 with a note.

Mamnooe series critique ghesmat 11

In the forbidden series critique the 11 part can be said that the story thinks that it will eventually transmit information to the audience. But this information is still transmitted as a droplet, and it is clear that the writer and filmmaker are not willing to disclose the story.

Of course, this kind of information engineering can not be fully questioned and considered as defective, if it takes into account the correct reason and logic and wants to achieve a certain goal. But what is now clear and revealed to the audience is a slow process that a bit of a particle with the arrival of new parts will only bring the audience into account in certain events.

سریال ممنوعه 11
سریال ممنوعه 11

Whoever puts this triangle in the spotlight is the one who has the money, and the person who wants to get out of the triangle is in need of money, and naturally this is the main obstacle for the lover and lover of the story.

So far the emotional triangle drawn in the mamnooe series has not been a new. novelty but has been able to remain attractive to many of its audiences, perhaps because of the intriguing nature of the emotional triangle.

This is an attraction that encourages countless filmmakers and serializers to create a work. What’s interesting is the existence of two love and emotional triangles in the forbidden, which, of course, are shown in different generations.

ممنوعه قسمت یازدهم 11

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The other triangle is Khosrow’s relationship (Hadi Hejazifar), Parvaneh (Nikki Karimi) and Reza (Leila Zare). It’s worth pointing out here that this triangle is also the norm in most of the classic triangles, and so far it has not been able to overcome the predominantly classical and repetitive legs, even with persecution and even criminalization. What seems to be the fact that these two triangles are the main points of the story, which is the most spiritual contribution of the story to them. The question is, apart from these two triangles that are influenced by the apparatus of the personification of the incarnation, what other characters are they?


In the following, the forbidden series critique of the fifth part is to ask: What is the purpose of this large number of sub-characters? Finally, the fifth part is not found in the series for these questions. What is shown is a large number of characters who associate most of the type and known types and do not have any particular actions. These characters between the heavens and the earth are now unclear, and their presence has nothing to do with anything else in the story, plans, and sequences.