Kız Oyunları 2018 – Top Game For Girls

    Kız Oyunları 2018 – Top Game For Girls

kız oyunları makes you feel ashamed that the name of the studio will cry for several days for your mouth. In less than a few minutes, you are laughing at, giving you a young child, pointing out your goal, it will soon take you laugh and aim, and eventually yours. When you are in the process of such a space, your brains will unconsciously fall into the hands of the makers. From the beginning of the story, you were thinking about the roots of what you thought about the game. When you come to the kız oyunları game that controls the character of Sarah. Few who look at the walls and the house, you will see pictures and signs that tell the living conditions of Sarah.

Now we know that Sarah has lost her mother for many years and lives with her father, Joel. Even looking at the game’s images, Sarah’s ability to play football and his previous successes will be clear. Now you know your girlfriend , While the story of the opportunity to open the table does not reveal the secrets of the game and goes straight to the point. Today kız oyunları 2018 birthday  And Sarah has provided a watch for her father and is waiting for Joel’s return home. When Joel returns home, Sarah is completely asleep.

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The clock has not reached 12. Sarah takes a deep breath and gives her birthday gifts to her. After a few short dialogues, the tragedy The Last of Us begins just now. After 1 hour and 40 minutes, Sarah falls asleep in her father’s arms, and Joel takes her to bed. Relaxation is a great pleasure in the surroundings around you, and at the same time, the game does not give the person a chance to show off, but it’s so accurate in describing their features that they give players the feeling of being a parent during the first few minutes. Now Sarah gets up from her place by hearing an unknown sound, and at this moment, Sarah’s character control will fall to you. Everything starts with a simple phone!

Kız Oyunları 2018
Kız Oyunları 2018

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Sarah goes to the phone with sleepy eyes. kız oyunları intends to tell Sara to “give the phone to Joel” without any fears; but before any incident, the call will be cut off. Now Sarah is slightly aware of the current situation around her and seeks his father. Joel is not at home! Sara knows nothing about the current conditions around her, which can easily take lives and the last thing the father and the child think about is the word of death.

Sara and Joel, when they survive this chaos, a security guard fenders it. At that time, a message containing a command is sent to the soldier. The soldier repeats the phrase “kız oyunları 2018” To ensure that the message is correct.

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Amnesty soldier shooting on top of his orders to Sarah and Joel and bang. The last dialogue with Sarah is the same kind of children’s wishes that he wants to survive for his father and all. Sarah dies, and this will include half of the game’s fictional aspects, a story that, until the end of the kızı oyunları oyun skor, they will put your mind on the challenges of the writer’s pen, and it should be said that this happens. Sarah’s death is the same painful pain that Joel has given her in the past for twenty years.



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