Kidding More Than a TV Show

Kidding is a new tv show

Jeff Pickles an entertainment icon in a Puppet show. He’s loved by kids and adults Jeff sims like a very kind guy, but outside of the puppet show his life is more complicated then it seems. Everything stated when his son died in a ca accident and his life started falling apart. He separated from his wife he’s depressed, his sister is discovering that her husband is gay. and his father who is the executive produce of the show is pulling his strings by not letting him talk about his grief on air.

So from one side we see a very kind and calm person respected and loved by big amount of the audience and from the other side a man who grieves his son’s death with his life is falling apart

After jeff divorced from his wife ,he met a few girl randomly and he try to make new relation but its quite hard for him. finally he go in a date with a girl who has cancer and shes going to die in 3 weeks.

so he make loves with her and feel very happy because he find new way to express him self. in the same time there is somebody who loves him care about him. but the relation between them doesn’t go long.

Jeff girl friend go to doctor for for las checkup and doctor tells her i thing you gonna survive longer. when she come out from doctor room she smile on jeff and say i think i will be alive for longer time.

jeff become so happy and invite all his friend even his wife to make party and celebrate . jeff’s girl friend tell everybody she saw a dream shes going to vacation in a few days. jeff said that’s perfect we can go all together but she said in my dream i was alone and i want to go alon . suddenly jeff boss got angry and kicked her out of home

Jeff Pickles is a children’s entertainment icon

KiddingJeff Pickles is a children’s entertainment icon, complete with his harmless-yet-playful parted hair. His show, like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, is a PBS staple—a long running institution that prides itself in providing kids with the building blocks of life. But outside of his puppet show—where Jeff Pickles is really Jeff Piccirillo—his life is falling apart.

Kidding picks up one year after one of Piccirillo’s twin sons died in a car accident. Since then, Piccirillo has separated from his life and is living in a run-down apartment complex filled with drunk college students.

At work, his sister and chief puppeteer Deirdre (Catherine Keener) is struggling with raising her own daughter and maintaining her relationship. His father Seb (Frank Langella), Puppet Time’s executive producer, must maintain the show’s strict standards, refusing to let Jeff address his grief on air. And also, the puppeteers who perform as Snagglehorse are fucking inside the big blue character.

he film returned an impressive $70 million

The film returned an impressive $70 million on a $20 million budget. But, that doesn’t tell the full story of how important this Eternal Sunshine was at the time. Gondry joined Spike Jonze and Wes Anderson in the trio of directors who would define the twee hipsterdom of the era when Criterion Collection DVDs were sold at Blockbuster. Winslett’s character Clementine would be cited as one of the definitive examples of the “manic pixie dream girl” archetype along with Natalie Portman’s character from Garden State and Kirsten Dunst’s turn in Elizabethtown.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dominated the indie world in a way no film could hope to in an era where A24 and Annapurna are flooding the zone with quality releases all year long.

Fifteen years later, Carrey and Gondry have reunited in Kidding. They’re joined by Catherine Keener, (a mainstay of that early-aughts indie film era) and the prolific Judy Greer who plays Carrey’s wife. And yet, none of the indie magic that these actors once held seems to have rubbed off here.

The premise seems perfectly tailored for the out-there sensibility that both Gondry and Carrey built their careers on. He plays Jeff Pickles, a thinly veiled Mr. Rodgers type who’s mourning the loss of his son. As is to be expected from a Gondry character, Jeff’s stage persona bleeds into his personal life. In the face of tragedy, the distance between Jeff Pickles the man and Jeff Pickles the character grows thinner by the day.


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