Katyusha Iranian film

Katyusha film (Hadi Hejazifar) is an average middle-aged man who has experienced the war and is now busy criticizing government decisions on his Instagram page. But he will soon decide that the boy’s boyfriend will be one of the most important figures in the country. A boy named Arshia (Ahmed Mehran Far), who was formerly involved with drugs and …

Director :

Ali Anshani: Born in 1357 and started his cinematic activities since 1996. In recent years, Azhani has been one of the most cinematic directors of Iran, and several of his works, including “Presidential mobile phone” and “Paradise”, are currently being held. He is also the producer of the 1st born film, the first joint venture between Iran and Hollywood.

katyusha iranian film
katyusha iranian film

Katyusha movie critique

Ali Tashhani, who has been considered in the Iranian cinema for more attention in the field than the directed works, made her newest film “Katyushha” without any problems. The last feature film, which was then seized by the late movie “Role-Playing”, was captured by the late Mrs. Nasser Malek’s mourning for a few minutes. After the seizure of his other works, including the “Paradise”, which has no definite status, he has returned to the cinema with Katyusha. A comedy film that aims to bridge the gap between the wartime people and the generation of today.

A flicker to depict the differences between two generations has come down to common stereotypes that have always been referred to as a point of conflict between past and present people. The world of youth today is depicted in a narrative film, trumpet and joy, and it seems that Atahani was not much interested in moving beyond the reach of this small area. On the opposite side is Ali Katyusha, who should normally be the representative of the generation of war and values, and a comedy that derives from the contrast between these two different human beings is Katyusha’s engagement in the arcade entertainment that should smile at the audience.

iranian film katyusha

The main problem of Katyusha can be described as a few pieces. The story is a fairly ordinary comedy for a certain time, but from time to time it becomes a chanting work that all its characters are talking about living values ​​and leave the story to social and political messages. In a few moments, the movie provokes the audience’s feelings through paying attention to the martyrs, but this decision is taken in the worst possible time and eliminates the minimal consistency of the script. The filmmaker’s decision to address the different worlds of the two main characters of the story seems rational, but the problem is how the narratives are completely different from each other, and there is no definite admission for it. It’s easy to say that the movie is sometimes very black and sometimes very white.

Katyusha has many actors, each of which has played short roles in the story, and has been added to the project specifically for advertising and marketing. The actors who have not been able to play good games at all, and they seem to have been irresponsible in their duties. Layla Utadi is one of the worst actresses in the film, one of the worst games of the past few years. Nima Shahrokh Shahi also does not have a better chance of being and is one of the most disappointing actors in the film.

The two main movie actors also have a different quality in front of the camera. Hadi Hejazifar, who has not played much comedy in the film, plays a very good role in the role of Katyusha and can be considered an acceptable score. But Ahmad Mehranfar did not have much control over the role of Arshia and did not have a good choice for this role. However, there is good chemistry between the two in the film that can bring the audience with them.

In total, Katyusha is a poor work that can not properly convey its message to the audience, but the two main actors and the few fun comic positions created in the film can make the Katyusha watching experience easy. Make it easier. Ali Ali Ashani’s new film is full of scenes and addicts, and the presence of non-affiliated complementary characters has also led to an unwieldy storytelling. Perhaps, if we remove all of these in a compilation of the film, “Katyusha” is not too unbearable and can be satisfied with watching it.


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