“Life is near moments”, laughs at the end of the movie, funny Julien and putting a transparent glass above the bright, visible bright lighting. Julian and the main actor in his heart is in the right place, but for that film or performance is not enough to be unclean, not those experiences as memories of the unstable woman’s obsessed with looking back through the lens flowering appeals. Julien Pain, regret and wisdom requires a very exciting platform to stand, a cinematic level is not enough to be punished under his own weight.


Fooled me once, shame I’m going to double twice, Shrmndm If you’re Jolie (Jessica Chastain), right in the center of a drum controversial Asian blowjob and love Dean Ireland, Julian, who is alienated from his love. It’s a famous myth and divides into Swiss cheese. Ireland and scriptwriter Dennis Yarsan believe that it is enough that Jvln is a voice of stories reflecting different emotions, he explains, but staging Aesthetics Chastain for any surprises in the mentality of the character of life, he adds any Creates a smile and line.

After the relationship is noisy to fully meet the current unpleasant rural environment between the elephant and his wife Kay (by Teresa Russell is extremely unstable), Julian sends a subjective teenager where a guard named Strong Cindy (Frances Fischer) represents a sunflower and presents him but overall gender. But Cindy’s obsession is to keep Yvln in her home locks, just as what promises a legendary crafted elephant takes place and Ireland’s sexual tricks in a way that’s Worst Vulnerable.

This romantic Flishgvyy continues to stay Witches Jolie all over America going on, a guitarist with charming French Phoenix, the proper name of Coco (like Rupert), which is your talent through the catalog tattoos to go on. No one in that Jvln has been working on their devastating magnet business in Tulsa, which seeks religious young man named Brad (Michael Vardan) ensures that the anger and guilt of the fundamentalist, all conditions of stereotype pigs capitalism on the right left.

The main theme of Yvln, including the young manipulation, tenderness of love and suppression of individuality, try a vibrant dialogue in the area of ​​the complex. However, after the fourth interview, it is difficult to see Julian’s status than the recurring one. Julian from a moment to change life to the next optimistic fair floats, maybe these things are different at this time, but caricatures with which he met, deceived Shadabyshan before trying to betray the predictions. This is also ignorance because Julien knows that he should not complicate that relationship. The tendency to love a young woman is red, and the red flag eventually becomes an adversary’s character.


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