Jailbreak 2017

Everything about the jailbreak series; from chapter one to chapter four

The second half of the eighties was the beginning of an important wave of foreign serials among the people of Iran, which is exactly the same as the years in which the television series in the world became more and more professional and harder, and the variety of serial production on the world’s television networks rose ascending. He was surprised. These series, which focused on police, criminal, action, political, comedy, and even science fiction issues, were not just ordinary people, and the pursuit of these series was followed by more serious, so-called intellectuals from different societies. In those years, suddenly in Iran, the wave of foreign TV shows that was not broadcast on our television has increased dramatically. Among the audiences of the time, external series, three series were most noticed and followed by people: “jailbreak”, “lust” and “24”. The reception of the series was so high that immediate dubbing, one of them, began to be officially licensed on the home screen. The first dubbed dubbing outside of the audience was “jailbreak”. A series of criminal action that has a lot of fans in Iran and around the world. Of course, nobody understood why only the first chapter and some parts of the second chapter were dubbed and broadcast, and the rest of the series never entered the home screen. However, at the same time, it was said that the television would have to download the dubbing version from the three-antenna network. It’s been rumored to be just a month and a half ago, but since the early days of the release of dubbed dubbing the series, 81 parts of the show network began. It’s just right after the end of the release of a popular and popular series, “The Fool’s House”. Television and networking seems to have come up with a better understanding of entertaining the audience with high-quality and, of course, playable external, which is, of course, a good thing to do. This week, on the pretext of the release of “jailbreak”, we went on to introduce the series and review its details. Maybe it’s appealing to you to know that after eight years, the fifth chapter of the release of the next few weeks is also about to begin, something that has already excited many people right now.

What is happening?

The whole story story is based on the same name that he has chosen, but if we want to briefly review the story of the four seasons, the following is true: In the first chapter, Michael Scafield is a young engineer whose brother Lincoln Barrose was charged with killing his brother Vice-President Condemned to death. Michael knows his brother is innocent and is dressed for him. He is one of the engineers at Fox River Prison, where his brother is currently in jail. He then decides to tattoo the prison map on his own body and get to jail to help his brother escape from this map. Michael is doing a little robbery and introduces himself to the prison, but he realizes that he alone can not afford to do this, thus bringing in six other detainees unwittingly and, finally, following various events that occur during the story. They give them the chance to escape.


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