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Colin Wing is the closest character to the true nature of ” Iron Fist”

Watching the Iron Fist series, Marvel’s latest Netflix product, reminds me of the warning I made at the end of Luc Cage’s critique. If you remember, Luke Cage was a serial that was so dramatic and appealing, but according to the tradition of the Netflix Series, Marvel faced a sharp decline in half. The fall is much worse and more intrusive than Jessica Jones and the second part of Daredevil. The result is that Luke Cage, with all its positive attributes, read the weakest product of Marvel / Netflix, and at the end of my note I wrote: “Luc Cage sounds alarm for Marvel, it’s still too late for the element that made the series He did not forget about the quality, do not sacrifice quality for the assembly of his projects, and the cinema that he did not bring to his series. For the moment, the only thing I love about Marvel is their serious and deep serials, which if they break down, Wowila! ”

One of Marrow’s most cinematic problems is conservative. They start their uniquely and unexpected work, they come to a great point, and suddenly they lose their creativity and find new ways to surprise the audience, and it turns into the same factory from production to popular consumption. The same assemblage. The first season in Dawill was crazy, followed by Jessica Jones, who had a head and neck higher than Derwill, and from that point on, the negative points of the previous series in Marvel’s later projects became more prominent. The second season, “In Derby”, with his positive points like Panisher’s introduction, fell from the top half by the time, and “Luke Cage”. Well, these days in the online world press, you’ll probably have a lot of headlines about the theme that Irine Fist is Marvel’s worst Marxist project and the biggest failure of the Marvel cinema, and its truth is said to be more or less right. Irron Fist is not happy with a score of 17 out of 100 on the Ruthen of Tomorrow, compared to the previous superhero serials Netflix does not have a unique feature, it’s not a new achievement, it eliminates the problems of the previous series, which nobody grew up and put fans into the most awkward form. It’s possible that the super-heroes will go to the “Annegers” gathering at Defenders. But why do I think so?

The first thing I did not like about Iroon Fist and from the beginning was annoying is the start of a deeply disappointing serial

Well, the first thing I did not like about Irrone Fist and from the start was annoying, is the start of a deeply disappointing serial. As you said, you know that Marvel’s Netflix series has one thing in common. Almost all of them will face a shortfall in quality from a short time later. The problem is that Marvel, despite the story that the creators have to offer, will make 13 episodes, and pulling the story to reach 13 episodes prevents their narrative coherence. At times, this lack of content, such as the first chapter of The Dvdvl and Jessica Jones, is recognizable, but not annoying, and at times like Luc Cage is so intense that it destroys all the serial fun. Well, with the Irron Fist, I have a bad news for you: this series is not half that, but from the opening episode.

Marvel’s Netflix series had trouble with anything, the main character was not one of them. “Irrone Fist” but it breaks the process. Danny Rand, played by Finn Jones from The Game of Thrones, is a billionaire who was thought to have been killed in a child due to a plane crash in the Himalayan mountains, but 15 years later goes back to New York. He is now the one who studied under the Buddhist nuns in the Far East, and has achieved the high rank of the Irene Fist. Danny is actually the owner of the multibillion-dollar Rand, but after his and his family’s death, they are now coming and Joey, his childhood friends are turning it around. The first issue of the series is the idea of ​​its old story. A Western-born man who learns martial arts in the east and returns to his life to fight off crime has been very repetitive. After “Batman Begins”, “Iron Man”, “Aero” and “Dr. Strangell” is the fourth time we’ve met this fictional idea over the past few years. Perhaps the story’s root story of Danny Rand’s character in the source comics is the same, but it does not justify that. Perhaps the “Iroon Fists” comic book has been very new in their era, but we are talking about its adaptation during the eruption of superhero adaptations, and the writers should do something to infuse this recurring story of charm and novelty.

Each of the previous superhero serials of Netflix had fascinating early concepts. Unlike Marvel’s cinematic superheroes in Quixotees, who fight fake punches and injustice, the blind man who is an unlucky creature who has super-powerful powers and a dark-skinned black ghostly who has nothing to do with it. “Irrone Fist”, but in terms of the initial idea, there is nothing to excite. One of the challenges of building a superhero effect is when the effects of this genre, such as moore and grasshopper, rise in the walls and walls of television and cinema, it is separating your project from others. The three first episodes of Netflix were successful, and to be honest, Irene Fist has the potential to turn into a unique 4th side, but this does not happen.

One reason fans waited a lot for the Irreverence series was because not only Danny Rand’s character was a lesser-known character among the Marvel Comics, and this promise made something unexpected, but many would have expected “Irron Fist” “To become the most action-oriented and most dramatic work of Marvel’s Netflix. One of the creators of this character, Naslameti, had come to his mind after seeing a film about the idea of ​​Aron Fist. As a result, it was expected that the “Irreview Fest” will become the superhero version of the Congo Movies. Just as Derwill was about conscientious street and religious supercrossing, Jessica Jones was in fact a serial “Noir”, and “Luke Cage” turned to the Black Superhero in defense of the Harlem neighborhood and was sometimes politically politically motivated. So, the Irish Fist was expected to have its own unique nature. The series focuses on the Bruce Lee battles with the superhero super-features. Maybe it’s not up to you, but the Irish Fist suffers from a lack of action scenes due to the series that runs around Kungfu. Instead, the series devotes much time to addressing the family drama of the Mitcham family and their father Harald Mickham, who, though 15 years ago, died of cancer, but now lives up to being healthy and safe, and leads Rand’s secretly.

Unlike Jessica Jones or Matt Murdoch, Danny’s stresses and aspirations do not go down.

Contrary to what we expect from a superhero series, Danny’s goal in the first half of the season is to regain control of his paternal company. The point is that Danny, who grew up in the Himalayan mountains away from college and university, does not naturally regard the direction of a major international company, nor does he have any interest in chairing. But the series tries to turn him into a wealthy head of state by devoting a lot of time to this story line and putting him on the presidential chair. But since we know that he has nothing to do with his presidency and trade, his stamina against the company’s system of work and his words about not having to give people the right to go, are slogans and silly than humanistic or moral ones. We are talking about a corporate product that is in love with Flashback, and in its previous series, it has used this narrative technique for journeys in the minds and minds of its characters, but here we see that Danny has been hit enough by their lack of existence. .

Irron Fist has faced an enlarged identity crisis. On the one hand, we are looking to see a series of Comic blocks of the Congfoom, but on the other hand, the main focus is on drama and Mitcham’s family conflict, and it works with Danny billionaire more than he does to Danny Cohenfocard, who deals with magical powers. . The serial has the potential to turn into an Oriental Combat Action in the New York City Crusades, and most of the time it examines the magical part of the Marvel World. But the series avoids the adventures of the Himalayas as if Marvel had been horrified by the spread of his life. At times Marvel seems to have just signaled Danny for the sake of his great wealth that he can play the role of Tony Stark in the Marvel TV world and financially support the Dionds Group.


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