Iranian Film Texas 2018 – فیلم تگزاس

Iranian Film Texas 2018 – فیلم تگزاس

 Movie Texas Review

Texas” is fun, but it’s basically no place in the cinema category. “Texas” is a totally industrial work and is offered as a commodity to the audience and  of course  the merchants of this film.

I do not say that the filmmakers have a good bargaining power and they easily read their comic strips. The audience enjoys seeing so much of the color and glitter and joy and music, and leaves the cinema lounge happy with the deal he has made. “Texas” in the prospect of Iran’s cinema, it also thrives on the box and turns the wheel of the cinema and everyone should be satisfied, is not it?




The story of two friends Sasan and Bahram. Sasan is living in Brazil and Bahram wants to join him too but they face many different challenges and adventures in between.

But in the meantime, “Texas”, like its similar films, which, incidentally, dreams of these days, not only does not add to the Iranian cinema  which brings the comedy genre upside down. Movies like “Texas” have changed the meaning of comedy in Iranian cinema, and merely laughing at the audience, with sexually vulgar jokes  keep the viewer satisfied, and encourage the next filmmakers to make uncompressed films and slippers that only By following a few post-test tests.

the kilns are manufactured and produced and bring good profit. What’s the role of cinema in this middle and the future of the comedy genre, which is one of the most important branches of cinema in any country, is more and more close to emptiness and rage everyday.

Story Of Texas Film

All that turns Texas into a funny movie is a snap prank that is crude and superficial, and the entirety of the movie “Texas” is like a collection of current joke in cyberspace and messed-up messages these days that are essentially cinematic in effect The following questions are asked.


On the other hand, the characters of the film are highly unaddressed, dumbfounded and caricatured in the screenplay of The Bidropics of the film Ensu and the other, and they are not even able to turn into a typical comedy genre. These superficial characters are also so cautious, and the filmmaker attempts to bypass the red line by fringing and displaying things that resemble a red line that misleads the viewer.(تگزاس کامل)

Playing with elements such as stained-towels, swim stairs, and all-in-one, all have been added to the film so that the viewer feels sitting in a movie theater and watching a movie that provokes his words in the complex and indirect wrappers. While the only thing wrapped in the wrappers of Texas is the usual tricks and the abuse of the audience that has been red for him for many years and feels with Texas he crosses this red line. The main actress of the film, the charming and colorful Brazilian and mythical atmosphere of the stairs, all are just the fascinating covers that are placed on the back of the film. The motto “Never Threaten an Iranian, Even in Texas,” is also the other hallmark of the Texas Hollow Together by quipping the nationalist feel of most Iranians and Kennedys to Mohammad Jawad Zarif.)=

In the end, what makes Texas the most insulting thing to anything is that the film’s affection is to show that it has nothing to say. The elementary titles of movies and music that make the frustrated viewer cuddle in the cinema, but the same insult to the nature of the music, until the end of the film and the way to make the second part of the film, shows that Texas has no interest in cinematic thinking and creativity There is no comedy, and everything that matter to him is the sale of film and pocket of the audience. For sale, which will definitely achieve this, and possibly make the second part, and we, as cinemas, do not have the option of lightening the cinematic lights on this comedy market.

Movie Review(نقد تگزاس)

Texas The latest movie by Masoud Atiabi is a very bad movie. Of those films that are so weak and everything is so messy and confusing that it makes the work of critique very difficult, but let’s take a look at the history of such comedies before talking about the film itself. Basically, this model of a human being in a miserable situation, dates back to the length of the cinema’s history. From the silent cinema and the comedies of Charlie Chaplin and Basseter Keyon to the classical era and Laurel Hardy’s brothers and modern cinema, and even Ciphers, “A Isfahan in New York” – they have repeatedly been the source of such a thing. In addition to the fact that mistakes in the geographical location have always existed in these films, being in such individual or personality situations could be such a mistake. For example, the Lizard of Kamal Tabrizi can also be placed in the same category of comedies. A man picks himself up for a cleric and falls into a wrong position, and brings him together for a joke. This model of comedy has been very cumbersome in Iranian cinema in recent years. After the success of “I’m not Salvador,” Manuchehr Hadi, who himself continues “Isfahani in New York City,” this model is more than before; but in these films, the basis is that by placing one or more people in a new geographic area and An unknown country, in addition to creating funny situations, is due to this retreat, that the spectator will leave behind a match with the film.



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