Iranian Film Sholevar 2018 – فیلم شعله ور – Flaming

Iranian Film Sholevar 2018 – فیلم شعله ور – Flaming

Farid (Amin Hayati) is a middle-aged man who adds to the pill, and his wife also left him, and his relationship with his son is also not so brilliant. Under these circumstances, he decides to take care of his life, but …

Hamid Nematollah: He began his cinematic work with the assistance of Massoud Kimayee, and a few years later.with the film “Boutique” directed his first feature-length cinematic criticism.In the following years, he established his footsteps in Iranian cinema with “Dirty makeup”, “Unpaid” and “Sleepwool”, and now he has come to the cinema with his newest work, “Flame”.

Iranian Film Sholevar 2018
Iranian Film Sholevar

Movie Sholevar 97

The latest work by Hamid Nematollah begins with a very good introduction. An average middle-aged man who has experienced various kinds of defeat in life, and now a person is extremely nervous and aggressive, and society is not at all in harmony with him. This personality grows up to half the story and accompanies the audience.

We can meet with the patient’s minds with the many niches that are expressed in his own voice and in fact his melancholy thoughts to the spectator, and to see his inner and outer contradictions as his life. Nehemet Allah succeeds well enough to make his personality in the first half of the story to a large extent and convince the audience to accompany him.

this Unfortunately, the second half of the film is different from the first half, where Fried decides to move to Sistan and Baluchistan and pursue a new life in the province. With the arrival of Farid in the area, local characters also enter the story, one of which is a girl called Vahid (played by Mojgan Saberi).

A young girl who suddenly and strangely acquaints Fred with trust and trust, while the movie does not give any reason for this trust to the audience. The relationship between these two minutes forms the film, but it is released all at once, and the film refers to another subject, the diver who takes out the body from the water. A person who is the son of Farid, and this is what makes Farid jealous of the diver.

Film Sholevar
دانلود مستقیم فیلم شعله ور

فیلم ایرانی شعله ور

for In this section, the film obviously has some weaknesses, including the payment of a diver’s personality that does not have gray, and the style of the years round the cinema is absolute white! He is cool and calm, and has no problems with aggressive personality and, under all circumstances, he is trying to give him moral points.

The contrast between good and evil in the second half of the film is so black and white that it can overlook the overall message of the film, and it has a situation similar to that of television shows in which moral messages are presented to the audience as a grand flower. Perhaps if Hamid Nematullah had considered a good fit for the second part of his film, he would have named “Flame” as one of the best cinema in Iran this year.

Movie Sholevar
دانلود رایگان فیلم شعله ور

The awesome game of Amin Hayaiee has also been one of the surprises of the movie. Actor, who has been in a lot of comedy works in recent years, and fewer filmmakers came to him for serious roles. The game in Flames is the best live game in its acting scene. The role played by anger, jealousy and humiliation is one of the best games of the year.

Her father, along with her father, has somehow been able to play the role of storytelling teenager. The promise is raw and inexperienced, and there is not enough self-confidence to do anything, and it’s a pleasure to figure out such a personality, although you should not expect much from him.

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