Film Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade – مغزهای کوچک زنگ زده

Iranian Film maghzhaye kochak zang zade 2018 – مغزهای کوچک زنگ زده

Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade
Movie Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade

Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade Few filmmakers can be found, such as Hooman Seyyed, to slowly and steadily build his filmmaking path, and in this way grow in his film in the same way as the previous one, and offer new aspects and at the same time reach the sophistication in his personal style. “The Razzled Little Minds,” the latest version of Hooman Seyyedi, which is the best and most complete work of his film career, testifies to this claim. “maghzhaye kochak zang zade,” either from a script that is a self-contained CD or from a paid subject and structure, is a feature film that completes the filmmaking path of a young filmmaker who does not care about others and, in the way he chooses, step up in full knowledge. He takes his personal style into evolution.


دانلود با لینک مستقیم

houman seyyedi

“Rough-trodden little brains”, unlike the “fury” made by Sydney’s previous controversy, have not come up with a true story and social problem, and it means a word of a storyteller’s drama that propagates its heroic narrative.

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Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade
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Maghzhaye Kouchake Zang Zadeh 97

The CD is approaching the “frenzied little brain” in a little fantasy and surreal space, the “Confessions of My Dangerous Mind” and, in the best of its form, evolves and brings it back to the film. As a filmmaker with a history of graphic and visual work, Seedi has only a few filmmakers who know the image well and pack them in the same narrative as they are, and make the viewer enchanted by the visual beauty or the exaggerated ugliness of the “little ravenous brain” which is itself a kind of Illustration is beautiful (ugly history-Uberto Echo) Throughout the film, beyond this beautiful frames, the narrative is current, and this art is a filmmaker that can continue to narrate the story as much as it does with its in-game visuals.

دانلود با لینک مستقیم

navid mohammadzadeh

And attracts the viewer to all aspects of his story Ned.

whatch bomb yek asheghaneh The strength of all Hooman Seyyed films comes from his dominance in dress-up, and in the “little stinging brains” we see the best mise and space we have seen him to this day. The fact that the CD is fascinated by Western cinema and the main pattern of all of its films about decoupage and museums comes from Western movies is not something that many criticize for his latest work.

Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade
Film Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade

Movie Analysis maghzhaye koochake

The national cinema is an important debate that must be paid and, of course, the young generation of cinema in Iran must also step in to make it happen, but one can criticize this kind of mosque to be attributed to a cultural or traditional Iranian-Islamic issue, not when The story of the movie is narrated in a space like Nakakabad, and the geographical boundaries play the least role in the movie narrative. “Rough-trodden little brains” is a film that, as much as it can communicate with the Iranian audience, will also be successful in communicating with foreign audiences; in particular, in addition to its Western decaying and decoiting, the narrative itself comes from the Latin American cinema, and this Lending is not only a mistake on the latest CD effect, which brings “rough little brains” from a modern work to a postmodern movie with cinematic references.

Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade
Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade

farhad aslani

“Razzled little brains” is not a postmodernist work, and such a claim requires many elements in the film that do not exist, and simply can not be said to be postmodern, based on these references or even rebuilds. But the approach of Sydi to all his films and his worldview, reflected in all his works, is what brings the “little bitten rashes” into the postmodern category. When we talk about CDI’s worldview, it means looking at the human identity and the fate of mankind, which is accompanied by an absurdity and darkness, a view that shapes “confessions of my dangerous mind” and more fully reflected in the “little rusty mind”; The captivity of man in a vicious circle and slavery of human identity in the power of excellence that always surrounds him.

Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade
Analysis  Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade

فیلم مغزهای کوچک زنگ زده

You can not talk about Seyedi’s unsurpassed spatial resolution and videotaping Shadman Fareh. Shadmanfar, who is very active these days, develops his skills where he does not repeat in any way, and always has a new look. Shadman Farg, along with Sidi, is a subjective world behind the story of “Raging Small Minds”, the smell of reality. When you see people deprived of their identity and depicting dying sheep, when you put the monologue of the beginning and the end of the film alongside the pictures of cheerful feces on the sheep’s back, it’s no longer possible that when you leave the cinema you will have the smell of the space The film was surrounded by a twist.

Navid Pourfaraj

It is also possible to claim that the script, “maghzhaye kochak zang zade“, compensates for all the defects of the previous CDs, and is the sophistication of the text that makes this drama a storyteller. The script is based on the characters, and these characters are so well-paid that they come along with the viewers at the very first moments. A film that combines the beginning and the end of the film with a typical cinematic pattern at the end of the film and, in addition to reflecting the filmmaker’s worldview, ensures itself as a fascicular element of the narrative, and delivers the story of the main characters in a world full of It takes ugliness and splinters, but it does not end, because the idea behind the scrambled “little brainwashed” script is basically an unlucky catastrophe.

Maghzhaye Kochak Zang Zade
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The tragedy of the shepherd being transferred from the shepherd to the next, and the herd of sheep looking for their shepherd. Slavery sheep forever hung out on their foreheads, and after that they will receive the same warm-blooded sheep. The “Razzled Mind Brain” script is as striking as it is at the beginning and the end in the middle of a flurry and does not give the viewer an opportunity to get out of the space of the story; the early stages of the film end in a great sequence in a great sequence, and the peak of the video is breathtaking. It is attractive.

nazanin bayati

The actors of the “Raging Minds” have been chosen more than among CD students, and two main roles are played by Navid Mohammadzadeh and Farhad Aslani. Nawid Mohammadzadeh really should be the genius of this genre, which shines in every role and appears unobtrusively. If Mohammad Zadeh was not there, then “Little Razed Minds” and its beautiful sequences would not be as effective as we now see. ASLANI’s play is as controlled and accurate as ever, and it completely melts in the CD.

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