Iranian film kolomboos 2018

Iranian film kolomboos 2018

When I see a iranian film kolomboos 2018 , in the end, I feel the victim of an accident of intense sorrow and pure happiness, I know that I am with a masterpiece of the degree of the party. Have you seen Adam at times feel like getting stuck? As if Adam’s legs were kneeling in hardened cement, the sidewalk was sunk. People do not care about you while talking to their phones, but you will be there forever.

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And as soon as the idea of the landing of a hammer on the nail is activated in our minds, our hearts become hot like a nuclear reactor and explode in fear. Wow, it’s a mess. Especially if “Sometimes” changes to “Always.” Especially if there is a stuck in one place with a stuck at a time. You want to move forward. You want to make progress in life. Your talent and abilities.

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Or maybe that big house outside the city. Maybe you’re not worried about money. You might just like to be free enough to stroll through the pinnacles of Paris, where you can watch the women who sit on the sandals, or step on the grass below the Eiffel Tower with a stranger in football. Or maybe you would like to walk in the Russian Museum so much so that you can taste it. You want to have it all. But suddenly you come and see you are still caught up in your cement, and your mind has once again escaped without permission and has been ambitious for itself.

Film irani Kolombus

film irani kolomboosYou find out that you have a simple job that you do not enjoy, and not enough money to spend on it. Even worse, you realize that you are still living with your parents. It does not matter how much they feel happy about having you. You might love a few and get together and chat anytime from time to time.

Still waiting for dinner when returning home from home, listen to handsfree, and the sudden music harmony with the image of buildings with single and bright windows on the back of a dirty bus bag. Still going to have a family dinner watching a comedian who walks in the TV, you’re gassing. But despite all this, you still want more life. You are tired of the repetitive nature of daily life. Thoughtful thoughts go inside the mind, but whatever you force you can not speak it to hear the world.

You feel that even if you cry, someone will not lift your head. If you get tall, your tongue will not be understood. You have a sense of shrapry that intercepts the window between the curtain and the glass and blows its wings. Rushes to water and fire to reach the bright light that is visible in the sky. To the moon But the glass is insoluble. Shaperk continues to glass in the middle of the night behind the window by slamming his head. He is stuck forever at this place and this time. He does not know that even if breaking the glass succeeds, the distance from the moon to the earth is so high that trying to reach it is not different from being stuck in one place. Purposeful but wandering. Perhaps his name could be put down by the Shadraki paradox.

Film jadid kolombus

iranian film kolomboos
iranian film kolomboos

Kolomboos actress

Farhad Aslani
Saeed Poursimimi
Dead Man
Hania Tavasoli
Majid Salehi
Farideh Sepah Mansour
Ebrahimi mysticism
Mitra Rafi
Good nima

Director of kolomboos film : Hatef alimoradi

This feeling of horns grows sad and happy when you see a movie like Columbus. When you find out, you are not the only one who stumbles behind the window, but others. Honestly, this feeling is so global that a complete movie based on it has been made.

And Columbus’s genius is that it is more than a movie, like a cinematic translation of this feeling. Columbus, along with films like “A Ghost Story” and “Lost in Translation”, are one of those films that have chosen a common, but gloomy, and complex concept, to define It has become cinematic. So I’m not surprised if in the dictionary in the future, write down the word “stuck in a point of life”: go see Columbus. The first attraction of Columbus is in his tone. Though the characters are struggling with harassing emotions, the Korean-American filmmaker, Cogranada, was able to control the horse in his first directing experience.

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Perhaps if this story was made by someone else, it would be possible to find the clash of waves on the rocks to the rocks or the weather of a heavy metal concert. But the Kuganada movie is more like watching a patch of green leaves of a tree in a mild wind at a summer afternoon.

The result is a film that, although deep anger and depression underneath it, they never reveal them. Koograda has come up with a very natural and realistic angle to his subject. He knows that his characters are glued to the inflammatory emotions does not necessarily mean that the world around them must be portrayed as angry and predatory and apocalyptic. The truth is that in the real world, the world continues its path to our own paths without our momentary emotions.

In the real world, at any moment, we may pass by people who, although seemingly normal, are flare upside down. In the real world, our internal crises are not squeezing their throats with their hands. We have a coastal rule for them, waves coming and going. Columbus is not one of those films whose characters, while having tears, tear in the middle of the street, screaming at their anger and fatigue. Here we are working with the daily lives of people in the heart of a world of indescribable work.

Columbus is simply a chasm of water left over from last night’s rain, which, of course, if you pay too much attention to being kicked and looking inside, you can see the world in that same piece of water. And turning a water hole into one glimpse into a gigantic, meaningful gate. Columbus is like this water hole, simple and calm, but at the same time widespread and breathtaking.