Iranian Film Katyusha 2018 – کاتیوشا

Iranian Film Katyusha 2018 – کاتیوشا

(جهت تماشا ویدیو با ای پی خارجی وارد سایت شوید)


In the critique of Katyusha’s film, we are dealing with the latest film by Ali Ashani, director of Iranian film cinema, in which he tackles the sensitive issue and confronts two generations of war and the current wealthy child. Ali Ashtani is a relatively controversial director in Iran’s cinema, and he can be considered as one of the record holders of films that have not been featured among directors after the revolution. He and his spoken words are always the subject of the media, and the essentials of the works are equally controversial. Katyusha’s film, however, is made out of these perpetual fanbells when it comes to an interesting rumor on the inside. The film shows the contradiction of the generations that today live in a community called Iran, and although there is a generation of differences between them, there is a world of difference.

Film Katyusha
دانلود مستقیم فیلم ایرانی کاتیوشا


دانلود کاتیوشا

Hadi Hejazifar is the lead author of Katyusha’s film, an actress who has become famous in his middle ages and has so far been able to put his cinematic face in the exact selection of films filmed in his work. Hejazi Farr, who faces in the dust, stands for the first time in the comedy genre, and his naming with Ahmad Mehranfar and Arzhang Amir Fazli seems a bit disgraceful, but Katyusha seeks all these issues together. Ali Ali Ashani’s new film, although it does carry the name of the comedy in its background, but this comic is really humorous and differs from other Iranian funny movies. Differences that can not necessarily be said to help the film’s goodness, but in any case has saved it from rumor and lumpenism.

Movie Katyusha
Movie Katyusha


Film Katiusha

In the summary of the comic book Katyusha, the head of his advertising banners read: “If I want to succeed in my life, I do not have to look at life as you look.” But what about the subject of the movie?

Download Katyusha
دانلود فیلم کاتیوشا


دانلود مستقیم فیلم کاتیوشا

Ali Katyusha, a middle-aged man who participated in the eight-year Holocaust War, lives with his family after years of fighting. He has a page on Instagram, in which he talks about politics and controversy with tens of thousands of his contacts and is different from the other Instagram branches. Ali Katyusha’s daughter believes she can make her father a famous figure, and every day she takes videos and speeches about her, along with her warhead and poster, and Katyusha also makes her protests about the community.

katyusha review
دانلود رایگان فیلم کاتیوشا


Teaser Movie Katyusha

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