Iranian Film Jadeh Ghadim | فیلم جاده قدیم

Iranian Film Jadeh Ghadim

Iranian FIlm Jadeh Ghadim | فیلم جاده قدیم

Iranian film Jadeh Ghadim is Manijeh Hekmat’s latest film. Like many other works of our cinema is in the category of films which assignments are not clear to themselves and to the audience. They bring the greatest impact from within themselves and ultimately don’t have any result. The most obvious problem is the fact that they choose “big words” for expressions which can’t determine their main position. The result is nothing but a superficial and weak effect. Because important concerns in general will not have the slightest impact on the audience, and the expression of this concern will remain at the same level within the scope of the letter. The issue reflected in the “Jade Ghadim” is the rape.

The film looked exactly as superficially as the rape issue. It means the film makers decided to make a film about aggression, in the worst forms of screenwriting. The matter naturally doesn’t function correctly in the statement of the subject.

The story is about a woman who has a good life and work. And one busy night in Tehran she has to go home with a car and the car driver rape her. She undergoes through some changes in her life after her rape.

Film Jadid Irani Jadeh Ghadim

Of course, this summary of the movie is in an optimistic way. The film may be at the furthest point of this summary, and its only intention was to do so was by no means close to the subject. There are a lot of problems with films that come from the very first moments to accompany it.

Iranian FIlm Jadeh Ghadim | فیلم جاده قدیم

At the outset, the shape of the relationships of individuals in the family and their impact on each other are dramatically high and superfluous. In fact the characters in the film starting from the main  one, played by Mahtab Keramati and his wife and children and grandparents of the family all seem to be in the hall. They have a slogan and many of their behaviors and beliefs can’t be believed. Although the presence of some of these people doesn’t have any obligation in the film, and even their absence will not bring the slightest change to it. Even their removal could be a great help.

‘Jadeh Ghadim” is full of plans that are full of superficiality. And it is easy to get away from the audience, from the artificial scenes inside the bank, to the first film tragedy, where the main character of the film woman and her husband return  from the police station and stand next to the old road sign so that the woman puts a blanket on her. This form of using geography and providing information to the audience is the easiest one.

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In the next scene, the main character, after being raped, hits the wounded and injured person to the face, And the people at home all come together as children in the school behind her back. Basically, in such a scene, family members, especially mothers and children, will have much more intense and deeper response than the audience.

Iranian FIlm Jadeh Ghadim | فیلم جاده قدیم

Or, for example, a scene in which the female character is cooking for family members and invites them to dinner. The phone rings, and nobody can answer it (by no means the reason is not clear: when everyone is at home, why nobody can answer). And a massage will be sent to it. Or the grandfather of the family, who looks like a human being, is reding it with worst words. This scene can be seen as a bad example for students of this field. They would not make such a mistake in their scripts and films.

Many examples of the scenes can be found in the film where their expression is out of luck, But along with all these bad plans, the movie has scenes that are completely extra and there is no requirement for their existence. For example, one of the scenes that doesn’t last 15 seconds. It shows a man and a woman in a dark room. The man is sleeping on the bed, and the woman is on the ground, that’s all. Or the scenes where a man is smoking on the terrace, and many other scens that don’t have the slightest function in the film.

Director: Manijeh Hekmat

Music composed by: Christophe Rezai 

Editor: Mostafa Kherghepoosh

In fact, this film, is lost behind the important words, and doesn’t have anything to say. None of the actions and reactions of the characters are correct. The character of the woman after the rape is seemingly funny at times. And it doesn’t have any dramatic work in the film. The goal was to show the sufferings of a woman after being invaded, was completely failed. Because all the behaviors and actions of the characters are quite boring and superficial, and it’s not clear at all that the problem of the main character others and where he is standing up to the subject of rape.

Why she doesn’t accept it, and why her behavior changed. Why it’s not right to think about suicide or goodness. And why it is a calm day, everything can’t be answered. None of these questions can be found in the film. And after all these questions, it can not be found in this character. What is the main point to make it a huge development. Preventing the abortion of her bride? Slowly enter the bank and enforce the law, and then refuse to board his wife’s car.

The bad factors of the “Jadeh Ghadim”

The bad factors of the “Jadeh Ghadim” are so high that they can easily be cataloged and provided to others. But along with all the bad factors of the film, the acting is exaggerated and the actor’s artificial acting must be taken care of. From Mumbai Keramaty himself to Attila Pesiani, who, in the worst possible case, plays the character of a gentle man.

The issue of the rape itself is important. But the way of dealing with it and where it affects the creator of the work and forcing him to make a film is very important. Something that doesn’t look at Manije at all Wisdom can not be seen. And the result is a film that doesn’t even go one step further after the onset of aggression and is constantly repeated. It doesn’t form any drama in any way so that it can advance it with actions and reactions. After a few minutes, the audience continues to find themselves at a point where the aggression formed and virtually no incident didn’t occurre afterwards.

In fact, “Jadeh Ghadim” ends at the very moment the rape takes place, after which there is nothing to say. And what happens is that the film is over before the end of its time. The film is condemned to failure and forgetfulness.


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