Iranian Film Hezar Pa 2018 – فیلم هزارپا

Iranian Film Hezar Pa 2018 – فیلم هزارپا

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Reza and his friend Mansoor are pickpockets. When Reza by his mother becomes aware that a rich girl has take an oath to marry a war injured person he decides to get close to her and find a way to marry her.

There is less to come that a movie will remain top of the blockbuster from the beginning of its release. This is what Abolhasan Davoudi has to do with a hezarpa  or Reza Attaran, with a comedy. In the introduction of films on the curtain of comedy “hezarpa”, which is on the twenty-second day at the top of the sales list. The “Hizballah” movie has sold an average of 5 billion dwarfs each week, with sales totaling 15 billion. The film is currently far from being the only comedy for the “confiscation” of Mehran Ahmadi’s first feature set in the top-selling films of 1397.


                      دانلود با لینک مستقیم

Given the potential of the “Hezarpa” and of course the rest of the films we are waiting for, it’s unlikely that another film would be able to compete with these two effects. The latest movie which was performed by Abolhassan Davoodi on screen, “Zadbum”, was released after six years of imprisonment. Earlier he made the film “Crazy Face” in 2014 which  though the film was not unsuccessful was still not a major point in the history of Iranian cinema not from commercial rather than cinematic ones.

Now “Hazara” is on screen. The opposite of the “Zadbum”, which was supposed to be an intellectual film, and finally a decent film of work. “Thousands” in exchange for anything but a frank and intellectual.


        دانلود با لینک مستقیم












What is the story of a thousand pounds movie?(دانلود هزارپا)

The two small thieves are friends and work together. One of the thieves accidentally knows the secret of a young girl and wants to abuse it. As usual, these movie models will guess that their interest will eventually develop.

Who is the movie director of Hezarpa?(هزارپا کامل)

Abolhassan Davoodi is now one of the oldest cinema in Iran. Especially in the director and cinema house as an active and active figure. This director, screenwriter and producer was born in 1334 and began his work in cinema since 1365 by writing the script “The Fall”. The movie directed by Rasoul Sadr Amoli. Dawoody has always succeeded whenever he uses his humor and comedy. That’s why I think one of his best films is “Bread and Love, and the Thousand Engine”. With a classy joke on the second of June, which is still remembered and a good game Soroush is true.A movie that seems to be a director who un whatch bomb yek asheghaneh .

derstands the spirit of his time and uses stereotypes well. “Hazara” is a funny comedy. Prank behind the joke, of course, some of them sometimes fall into the veil of jerk. He keeps his rhythm up to the end and thanks to his actors, he keeps the audience happy.

Who is the movie star?(فیلم هزارپا)

If it had a place, we should bring the name of Javad Ezati and Reza Attar in this section. The film definitely owes both of them. Javad Ezzati has shown in recent years whether the comedian is the first degree, and if anyone is to be chosen after Reza Attar for comedy films, then Ezati is definitely the best option. The style of the dialogue, the answer, the presence of his mind and the preservation of the rhythm and record of his play in comedies is great. But, frankly, the sale of “Thousand Pain” is more than the director, writer and every other actor owed to Reza Attaran. Reza Attar, the slave of Iranian cinema, and has a golden order for directors.In recent years, she has not even h

                              دانلود فیلم هزارپا

ad one of her films that have not been profitable. Incidentally, in comedies that often played the part of a not-so-tall person, it was more successful than his own different comedies, which are somewhat confined to black comedy. His improvisation is a great comedy actress. The front of the camera can make any movie at any level with a good multiplayer game.

Who likes the movie ?(سینمایی هزارپا)

First of all, if you are careful, your kids do not feel unpleasant jokes or maybe they do not get inappropriate for them, it’s best not to take them with you to see the “Hezarpa”. Other than this, if you are looking for a comedy movie that goes hand in hand and laugh is the best option on the screen. The middle of the news about the dollar and the price of the foreign exchange market, Reza Attaran, can be a blimp of the nervous nerves in the cinema.

هزارپا کامل
فیلم سینمایی هزارپا

Movie Review(نقد هزارپا)

Hizpa” is another huge comedy that has captured the screenings of Iranian cinema, and along with the good sales that the film and its producer (people do not have a better option to watch and watch), Iranian cinema is on the rise day after day. They will lower the level and will decrease the taste of the spectators more quickly. These days, we have no choice but to see medium-sized and medium-sized social films with sophisticated social and social issues and poorly-crafted, and black-and-brittle, aggressive, distressed, or weaker comedy films to watch. Their ultimate art and creativity is to force their audience with a series of old and often secular joking jokes that would not succeed even in this work. Films with bisexual tales and characters that have become a familiar and regular brigade, and the film making agents do not even bother to make them repeat these brigades with new and special actors. See, for example, Pejman Jamshidi, in the “Lion of the Bee”, “Texas”, “Good, Bad, Jellyfish” and “Fifty Kilograms of Cherry” play the role of a character thrown from the film world to another. Or the brilliant Sam in Texas, “Good, Bad”, or “Woman’s Enemy”, which goes the same way.



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