Iranian Film Dom Sorkhha 2018

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The Red Fox movie is one of the most recently featured Iranian comedy films. This film is directed by Arash Moeirian, to whom we have seen so many comedies. In this part of the astrology, we will introduce and criticize the Red Fox movie.

Of course, since there has not been much time for it, critics of the cinema have not been able to write a critique of it, but as soon as the critique of Red Frost is published, the astrology writes on that subject.

Anyone in the movie to know me?

If you have already produced supermarket commercials, you will know all the actors of the film, including Javad Razvian, Reza Shafie Jam, Ali Sadeqi and Behnoosh Bakhtiari.

dom sorkhha
dom sorkhha

Who is the director?

For more than a decade, Arash Moeirian has brought such works to the cinema and is in this area. The director’s previous works include “Khaltoor” and “Ace and Pas”.

Any negative point that you mentioned in the form and content in the cinema can be found in “Red Frogs”! The screenwriting is completely unobtrusive, and the super-pranks of the previous ones are too low!

It seems that Arash Moairian has made his determination to present a new criterion of cinema everyday and has started a close and intensive competition in this regard.

In the film, Thousand Thought is also present. A good actor who once seemed to be one of the forerunners of Iranian cinema, but now it seems that the predictions in this regard were completely wrong!

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For more than a decade, Shafie Jam and Jawad Razvian’s couples play female roles and make fun. That is, a decade is not enough time to change the level of these jokes or the taste of the audience has not yet been updated ten years ago !?

Effective factor for watching a movie:

Finding an agent to watch the “Red Tails” is a scary prank and should be avoided for miles!

Jabbar Azin, critic and lecturer of the country’s cinema coinciding with the release of two cinematic films “Red Foxes” directed by Arash Moeirian and “I’m Not Crazy” directed by Alireza Amini, said: “Red Fox” is a turbulent, light, superficial and unobtrusive movie. , And “I’m not crazy” are old and stereotypical and very weak, and it’s not clear what cinema directors have issued a permission to build such Nazli artworks!

Azin then argued that the new sample, a turbulent movie, with no content and level of “red tail”, said: “It has taken the effect of the fallopianism from its similar films and comedy claims, and by tangleing the amount of dialogue and unexpected incident by one The film’s novelist has been made for a cinema producer who has been able to make some of the most promising films in his cinematic work.



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