Importance of Articles if you want to make money blogging

Why You Need to Market with Articles

Successful bloggers are always on a look out for innovative marketing strategies and tactics to promote their business succesfully in order to make money blogging . Article marketing is a time tested tactic that is helpful for marketing strategies and online relation building thus helps to make money blogging .

Is it the only relationship building? Absolutely not. However, it is proper step in the right direction. And most of all , there are chances that many marketers in your nitch do not use this tactic. As a matter of fact , It takes time, skill, to write good articles, that’s why the many don’t do it however, those looking for an excellence do.
why article marketing is one of best marketing tactics in order to make money blogging ? Here are 7 reasons:

1. It is simple. People like to deal with the best. Writing and promoting your articles position yourself as the expert .

2. As an expert, you can justify your rates and products.

3. If your articles may cause a viral marketing if written and promoted properly causing business your way.

4. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc weigh quality articles while ranking sites . Search Engines like content such as articles! Many Internet marketers trick Search Engines to get better ranking. If you have time and/or money , article marketing is the best source of promotion .

5. People should be well informed – It helps them make confident about their decisions. You can highlight all pros and cons of your services or products .

6. Articles can easily be used in many ways. For example:
==> They can become newsletter;
==> It can be free giveaways to clients etc;
==> It can be Used in a blog ;
==> Can be used as an eBook,
==> Can be used in live seminar or teleseminar;

7. It is a great way to be in touch with clients and prospects. Studies show that on average it requires around 7 approaches before a prospect buys. You may use articles as some of those approaches ?

It is beyond doubt that well written articles can win confidence of buyers as regards the quality of the product and definitely can result in greater sales . However , product itself must have a good quality and reasonable price . Poor product and great article will not help you as a marketer ..


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