How to make money with affiliate marketing

1.High converting offer

Find high converting offer, this offer can be from clickbank, Mac’s family, pure fly ,couch network,whatever you want it doesn’t matter . a lot of people think network is matter so much but its not about the network you going to work with it its about the quality of offer you going to pick because you know any advertiser can put their offer where ever they want

2.High demand product

You might have product to promote or if you don’t have you should find product on high demand,there is a lot of place you can find on and there is thousand of product you can promote as an affiliate,you can drive traffic to the product and that’s what a lot of people are doing and that’s also why a lots of people are failing .never ever send the traffic directly to the product , you need to have landing page or optin page , you explain to user why this product is good for you ,then they will submit their they submit their email you will have their email in your list and you can use it for promoting other product for later


3.Email auto responder

I do 14 days sequence and in this sequence you can put one offer or 2 offer or more so if you only want to promote one thing for 14 days you can,if you want  to promote 3 things you can too .i want to do more in 3 tough you want to be kind of consistent with it.anyways you send your email sponder you are giving them value ,like I said go on google go on big blogs if you are in weight loss niche ,go to sign up for the news latter ,see what kind of emails they are giving to them that’s providing value,find ideas that people like in that niche ,build relationship with users the need to trust you then they gonna buy from you .if you don’t know what niche is or if you don’t know a lot about niche so you want to provide 2 emails of value then maybe a soft pitch in your PS section for the third email. view

Video views ads to your landing page what this dose is you gonna run ad on your objective that’s gonna be video view. When you running video views ad you want to make sure you are doing all your targeting research ,make sure you are using you pixel then just get good copy include emojis in your copy ,you can make the first headline four and eight words maybe the link below ,it doent have to be very complicated . don’t overthink it don’t make it look like and ad ,make it like actual post make it like real ,make it sound reliable to people


5.Ad Customizing

Split test and optimize your campaign for two weeks ,in your first couple days you running Facebook ads you are not paying for traffic you are paying for data, you are paying to see which audiences work and which audiences don’t work so the way you do that is just keep creating new ad sets keep trying new audiences, make sure you have pixel on your page it help you to customize your audiences and retargeting ,keep testing all different location and placement. Test 3 different countries and next day split test like facebook and Instagram for those 3 countries then turn of the one that are more expensive after couple days , in 2 week period test 15 different ad set , constantly turn off one that don’t work and one do work keep it . if your campaign is profitable slowly scale them up. That’s another thing if you start to make some money let’s say you make 60$ from 30$ ad spend , don’t dramatically increase your budget, if you want double your budget you can do that but don’t do anything more than doubling it, facebook doesn’t like when you dramatically increase it or if edit your adsens at all don’t let them just turnn them off and make new one or just do play them and edit one part on them


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