How to make money fast with youtube


1-Create channel

create your YouTube channel,then try to pick a good name for your channel ,then you need good cover related to your channel topic , BEING UNIQ it can grow you channel faster and more people subscribe your channel , then you need to think what kind of content you want to create , google keyword planner can help you to find search volume about your topic

2-Creative content

Make your own content ,and do not try to break YouTube policy ,by my own expirence i had this chance for a while to earn some good money with copyright stuff,try to make totally original content ,  or if you want to use somebody else content ,use those video which it has creative common licence , creative common licence let to use the owner content with his permission but if he monetize his video then the when the ad show on your video ,the money from ad earning will not go to your pocket ,if you need some background music just use YouTube audio library songs.

3 -Monetize your channel

For monetizing YouTube channel you need to pass 10,000 view to get accept ,and your earning will start . i saw many users asking how much i can earn per 1000 view some people say 2 or 3 dollar ,its better to not think about it because its depend on many things ,the user ip ,the title subject ,and user reaction about your video ,number of like and dislike , all this effect on your earning .i experienced even 5 dollar per 1000 view .

3 – Search engine optimization

More or less who ever want to make money online need to know and learn about it , all your earning is depend on this should pick the right keyword and add it in your title ,in the same time your title need to be attractive ,another thing which this days is important is your thumbnail photo ,probably many youtubers have same topic like yours you can attract the user click on your video ,you can also write your title on your thumbnail , but do not try to cheat on user and make you thumbnail photo with different meaning than your video subject ,user can report you and YouTube will send you guid line strict .if you will get 3 you should say good bay to your can use some good tag in the tag section .


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