How To Make A Winning Sales Funnel For Your Business

Marketing your company’s website is not so easy, it is a perplexing procedure. SEO has become progressively more troublesome while Social Media turns out to be even more time-consuming. Close win or close loss?

That’s the only thing that matters in the end. If you are a small business owner, you comprehend this superior to anyone. Even your sales representatives cannot feel the agony of close-lost the way you do.

This is a push for you to change your marketing strategy, which means analyzing “The Sales Funnel” of your Business Opportunity.

What exactly is Sales Funnel?

Sales-Funnel-Layout The Sales funnel –also called purchase funnel, is a visual depiction of how a sale continues in a straight style from client’s awareness to his activity. 

It represents the conversion trip of visitors to become potential customers and finally,the loyal buyers

It is taken as an infographic sales grinder which is widest from the peak and narrow as we go downwards; showing the possibility that each deal starts with an extensive number of potential clients and closed with a little number of individuals-committed customers who really make a buy. 

There are four sections a sales funnel which describe how to build customer relationships. 


1. Individuals who know about company
2. Individuals who have contact with company
3. Individuals having frequent contact with company
4. Individuals who have made a buy


The Sales Funnel Components

The sale process is totally dependent on the nature of your products or services while customers go through following procedure in most cases:


The first and most significant step is making your potential customer aware that you exist. This is achieved through advertising and social media marketing.


Now you need to educate people why they need to choose products and services being offered by your company. You can start promoting sales in this stage.


Next, you should test drive your items. Evaluate the services you are offering to people by giving free samples or demo.


Your customers have been given all prospect information and now it’s your job to nudge them closer to making a sale without being pushy. Throw in a free bonus or limited-time offer.


Congratulations! Some people have committed to buy your items. Now it’s your job to get that money right away and don’t let them come back next time.


It is time for celebrations.

How to make Sales Funnel for your Business

Here are five steps to which will help you to make your sales funnel.


1. Create an awesome Landing page

Landing page plays a vital role in leads generation. It is the first impression of your business that potential customers will have. This page must have content about your product or service with a call-to- action for customers. Take time to make it look great. 

2. Create Leads by presenting a front-end offer  

In this step, you will be presenting your potential customers an opportunity to buy a product or service. This offer needs to be presented in a more desirous way to attract more leads. Make your audience realize that the solution of all the problems they have is the product you are offering but make it real without false promises. This step is actually pre-selling of your product and works as a lead magnet. Offering free samples is the best way to magnetize more customers.

3. Give an upsell offer 

Now the customers who have purchased or are about to buy a product or service will be presented with upsizing or upgrade that service. This could be done by creating an offer that will deliver more benefits to the customer. These tactics are known as upsell. This is a way of generating more money as upsell will have more expensive item.

4. Offer a downsize option    

The way you are selling an upgrade to potential customers, make some room for another buyer by offering a downgrade option. Don’t look it as a loss or failure in the sale. This is a way to keep them as potential customers.  

5. Keep it going

Now in this final stride, you need to keep your momentum going. Make sure your customers are content with their product or service and keep following up with new customers.  This is a perfect means of communication and offering them new deals and services. 

How does it work?

The sale funnel works by pulling in potential clients with free or extremely low-cost stuff and then persuading these potential customers to sign-up or subscribe. After acquiring their contact info, it is time to start building relationships with them. Offering potential customers products or services in various costs helps in developing their trust. In the end, it will be easier for them to spend in your expensive product or services.

Attract Leads

You could attract leads by:

• Posting blog that offers free advice

• Advertising in press

• Meeting potential customers on Twitter and Facebook

• Ensuring your content is available in search engines

• Publishing on other websites

Free Product or Service

Offer your potential clients items on their email Ids such as:

• Audio recordings
• Newsletters
• Free Graphics

• Free consultations

Low-Cost Items

Offer low-cost products to gain customer’s trust like:

• Workshops
• E-books

• Membership sites

Medium-to-High-Cost Items

When clients hire you for large projects, they are being sold medium-to-high priced items. You are being paid for your valuable expertise which will serve as vital work experience for your profile. For these most wanted clients you must include:

• Project Management Work
• Monthly retainer clients

• One-to-one Consulting

Tips and Tricks

Here is how you can increase you sale funnel conversion:

1. Blogging

Penetrate internet marketing by blogging on your website. This will help your site to be found in search engines.

2. Landing Page

Send your traffic to the landing page to earn high conversion rates.

3. Calls to Actions

Incorporate content upgrades, this will offer several call-to-action.

4. Email Marketing

This is a great way to educate prospects about your business. 

5. Upsells and Cross-sells

Attract your client to buy more expensive items during the checkout process or through follow-up email.  

5 best programs that help to build funnel

Tracking your sales and managing sales funnel is highly crucial to your business. Here are 5 top sales funnel software tools:




This is a simple sale funnel tracking and management program offering one seamless platform.




It is a complete management solution for small businesses. Currently, it is the choice of more than 50,000 organizations.




A superb tool having many integrated features and one of the most used CRM.



This is popular amongst sales professional due to quick setup and user-friendly interface.


5. Base


An excellent sales tracking system offers in-depth, visual reports for highly-effective sales management. 

End note

Creating a sales funnel is an extraordinary measure of your organization’s health. It gives a reasonable viewpoint of the prospects accessible to your sales team at present.

It shows where in the sale process your money is and also demonstrates the income your company is going to earn in future.

If supervised brilliantly, sales funnel will make your business endeavors systematized and place you in a position where you are in control of sales results.


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