ASK LAFTAN ANLAMAZ ( عشق حرف حالیش نمیشه)


“Love does not know words”13. in the section; Aslı and Ipek tell life what they have learned. Didem’s pregnancy is a lie, but without any evidence, Didem made a fake miscarriage. Even if the girls don’t let it go, it’s a waste of time. Life tries to make Murat jealous after everything is back to normal.

The girls and the canvas are also involved in this game. Life gradually increases the dose and says it’s someone he wants to give you. When you tell the girls, they decide that Ibrahim is the best candidate for the fake lover.

With the help of Aslı, Ibrahim started to work in Sartede. Kerem is at the end of a one-month trial period with Ipek. He’s about to freak out because of this excitement. He wants help from the original. Derya continues to cooperate with Didem. He even welcomes her at home. He plans to return to SART and Murat’s life. They’re going after life.

What Happened  In The Last Chapter

An audience said, “I think there is a monopoly in cinema. We won’t be able to see you without festivals like this. What are you going to say? Yilmaz on the question, it is not important in the production part of the job, he said.

They want to institutionalize the sector, but only one place in the world has achieved it Yılmaz, emphasized that there is no deficiencies in this issue.
Yilmaz, referring to the need to go anywhere to achieve something, said: “something can be done anywhere in the world, at World Standards. We have no problem with that. If today a brother in Malatya is interested in everyone in the world, perhaps in a story that he’s going to shoot using some instrument, and perhaps use his phone, then no one can really stop it. Beautiful things are valuable all over the world. No one can stop it., “he said.

Indicating that it is easier for people to show themselves now than 20 years ago, Yilmaz stressed that the man who produced should not be disturbed.

Cem Yılmaz pointed out that there should be other ways instead of being disturbed, and said, “sometimes, ‘there is no one behind us. it’s called. Well, I don’t have anybody. I start with an empty A4 paper, and I write the pen Arif V 216. I wonder who will like it, who will find it worthy of doing it, who will put money? Because it’s expensive. If I was shooting in the House Arif V 216, I would shoot the camera like you in my hand anyway. If I pull it on my own, then here, I can’t produce anything worth showing up on the screen. I need some fighting.”he made his assessment.

Show TV viewers of the show

ask-laftan-anlamaz-diyecekShow TV viewers of the show is an enchantment of love Laftan’ın 16. the department came to the screens at night. Murat burned the ships and abandoned life by giving up marriage. Life’s grandfather Haşmet, life and his mother to take Giresun’un on the road to go Murat regretfully cut the front of the minibus where life was stopped to prevent this go. When Grandpa Haşmet came before him, cold winds blew between the two. But Murat, who didn’t want to lose life, said he wanted to marry the woman he loved. Let’s see how the majesty will respond to this decision in the new chapter.


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