Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 247 – غنچه های زخمی 247

Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 247 – غنچه های زخمی 247

Ghonchehaye Zakhmi ٍEpisode 247

غنچه های زخمی 247

After what had happened to Ali, the new part of the Bitter Flowers was a curiosity about the trailer. It was revealed that the introduction of the next chapter would come to work in September and that Ali would visit him at work. Which events will take place in the 247th section of the Kırgın Çiçekler which will be published on Monday, January 29?(غنچه های خمی 247 دوبله فارسی)

سریال غنچه های زخمی جدید 247
غنچه های زخمی 247

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After the tense moments that lasted in the last episode, the Brutal Flowers appeared in September and the other girls would take a sigh of relief. This time the funny images will appear at the time of the rising tide minutes will continue to be experienced. Here are all the developments that will take place on Monday, January 22nd ….(غنچه های زخمی جدید)

غنچه های زخمی 247
دانلود مستقیم سریال غنچه های زخمی 247


The team trying to leave behind the hard days will be in various activities to relieve stress. Fun images will emerge in the bowling tournament where girls and boys compete in teams. The tension experienced during the boat trip will cause Serkan to lose himself. Serkan, who can not keep up with the girls, will start to beat the guy on the boat. September and his girlfriend will be in great panic as a small child holds the gun towards them while they are in the street. If the weapon exploded after Ali tried to intervene, it would appear in the next section if he did not injure any person.(دانلود غنچه های زخمی 247)


The summary of the favorite directory on Monday, January 22, will be as follows; The biological father of Serkan and Defne, Yavuz, is a nightmare for Nazan’s life. Nazan is determined to do everything his children do not learn the truth. Yavuz gets settled in the house. Ali finds a way to send Tuna out of the girls’ home. Destiny receives help from Meral to join the Danube. When things come together, the ropes stretch between Serkan and Cemre. Macide, who unloaded the company’s cabin, is dragging the fate of Kader.(دانلود غنچه های 247)


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