Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 246 – غنچه های زخمی 246

Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 246 – غنچه های زخمی 246

Ghonchehaye Zakhmi ٍEpisode 246

غنچه های زخمی 246

After the girls took the karate lesson, the new section trailer of Kırgın Çiçekler started to be excited with excitement. After the announcement of the upcoming episode, Ali’s willingness to test the knowledge of the girls will cost him. What improvements will be experienced in the 246th section?(غنچه های خمی 246 دوبله فارسی)

سریال غنچه های زخمی جدید 246
غنچه های زخمی 246

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In the last episode, The Unhappy Flowers began an unexpected process for the Dragon and the guns exploded. It was again September when he felt responsible for what happened to your girlfriend and supported Ali. Here are the events of this week in Kırgın Çiçekler dizisi and the presentation of the next chapter …(غنچه های زخمی جدید)

غنچه های زخمی 246
دانلود مستقیم سریال غنچه های زخمی 246


After coming to work in the restaurant business in September, Ali will visit him for the first time to taste a meal made by his girlfriend. Use of expressions like “very nice, like my girlfriend” to show that Ali likes to eat will lead to funny dialogues. “September, I will start laughing in the face of Ali’s praises,” he said, “did you just think of me as a hamburger?” Meral, who started working at the same workplace in September, will witness the dialogues of the two. If Atakan and Songul go to the doctor to learn the genders of their babies, they will bring new adventures together. Not wanting to learn the sex of the baby until birth, Atakan will want to surprise him. With a close relatives’ explanation of the sex of the baby, Atakan’s joy tears will be stamped.(دانلود غنچه های زخمی 246)


A summary statement of the publisher’s section on Monday, January 29, as follows: Meral confronts Ejder and Macide, who hear that the destiny of Kader’s company is emptied. Macide will offer money to Meral when he tells everything to Fate. Songul wants to know the sex of the baby under the doctor’s control. The South, who wants to remain a surprise, calls every way to not hear. While Feride and Earth want to help Büşra’s classmate, their heads enter the waist. Settling in Nazan’s house, Yavuz keeps his dark face while earning the trust of everyone. When the Macide is destroyed, it appears that the fate has stolen all the fortune.(دانلود غنچه های 246)


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