Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 242 – غنچه های زخمی 242

Ghonchehaye Zakhmi 242 – غنچه های زخمی 242

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“Ridiculous Flowers”, which is one of the longest running series of the screens, said goodbye to the screen with the 242th episode. In the final part of the Decadent Flowers, the end of the road for the girls appeared. The terrible traffic accident was a pain in the final part. Here is the last finale section of the 242th …

سریال غنچه های زخمی
غنچه های زخمی 242

The Brilliant Flowers came to the screen with the last part and said goodbye to the publication life. On the long-lasting ATV screen, the Kronen Flowers series finished the screen journey with the 242th last episode on the screen this evening. Here is the final part and details of the Decadent Flowers 242…(غنچه های خمی 242 دوبله فارسی)


As the girls fled the polystyrene, Songul lost control of the steering wheel. He was taken to the hospital after a terrible traffic accident. Everyone who took the news ran to the hospital.

غنچه زخمی جدید
سریال غنچه های زخمی 242

While the girls were coming to themselves, Songul’s situation was critical. They were shocked to learn that there was a danger of death. I am very upset that Ali who came to the hospital knew that they would be arrested when they were discharged. The girls realized they had come to the end of the road. Songul lost his life after a traffic accident.


The Decadent Flowers is a drama, youth and family sequel that has been on ATV since June 29, Starring; Silk Karapınar, Özgür Çevik, Biran Damla Yilmaz, Gökçe Akyıldız, Hazar Motan, Cagla Irmak and Aleyna Solaker share.(دانلود غنچه های زخمی 242)

The first part was published on June 29, 2015. On January 12, 2016, Dizi won the Best Dram Award for the Barrier-free Life Foundation.

He also received the best series award at the award ceremony organized by Istanbul Gelişim University. There are nominations for award ceremonies in Korea and France.

SUBJECT(غنچه های زخمی جدید)

September is a 16 year old girl. He lost his father when he was 11. A small gecekondu lives with his mother Mesude, his sister Büşra and his stepfather Kemal. September suffers the harassment of Kemal. Tell the mother about it. She does not believe in Annesi’s September and gives it to the orphanage. Orphanage days begin after that day of September. The bond between them and the four girls in the room where September remains is never untouched.

The series tells about the struggles of 5 girls and the longing for their parents.(دانلود غنچه های 242)

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