Robert Angelo(SEXUAL PREDATOR,MUTUAL NEEDS) directed this late-in-the-game Straight-To-VHS video erotic thriller that plays like a 90s erotic thriller version of JAGGED EDGE,as defense attorney Shannon Tweed is assigned to the case of a wealthy man(Corbin)

Shannon Tweed stars as the divorced defense attorney who gets caught in a passionate love affair with an accused murderer.

Timbrook[THE BELLY OF THE BEAST,VANISHED:LEFT BEHIND–NEXT GENERATION]) who is accused of the strangulation related murder of a local stripper(Kirsten Pierce[STREET KINGS,VAMPIRES OF SORORITY ROW]),with both Tweed and her personal private investigator(Timothy Vahle[WALKING TALL:LONE JUSTICE,IT’S IN THE WATER]) put up against Tweed’s ex-husband/lead investigating cop(Myles O’Brien[SCORNED 2,SEXUAL ROULETTE]) who is highly convinced that Timbrook is indeed the killer. FORBIDDEN SINS pretty much relays upon its complexed courtroom-based storyline amid a handful of nudity filled softcore sex scenes,with Amy Lindsay(FINAL EXAMINATION,PASSION’S DESIRE[as a stripper with a secret]) providing the majority of the nude scenes while Tweed having only one nude sex scene as her career was drifting off toward far more mainstream places. Despite some of the acting here being wooden and flat,FORBIDDEN SINS is both well directed and tightly written(with Daryl Haney[FRIDAY THE 13TH.:PART 7,CRIME ZONE] being one of the film’s co-scriptwriters) enough to be an entertaining film on its way and it succeeds in that field alone. Tweed and Angelo reunited for (Tweed’s final erotic thriller[before undertaking a career in various television shows{and later becoming Mrs. Gene Simmons}])DEAD SEXY.

[Total: 7    Average: 3.1/5]


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