Film jenne ziba 2019 | فیلم جن زیبا

Film jenne ziba 2019 | فیلم جن زیبا

Film jenne ziba 2019 | فیلم جن زیبا

In the short story “jenne ziba” of the movie, it’s said that the movie is a fairy tale in the space between satire and suspense, which is not a complete summary, but the movie director has said that more news and a complete list of actors will soon be added. The movie is accompanied by a comedic drama that has become very interesting with the presence of the Turkish actress in the movie, which features a full veil of Islamic hijab.

The film is both real and superstitious. Shilchy says that in this film, “Delaram” is his role. It’s not deaf in the first place. Because of this, I have to practice because of the voices heard from him, and the things I have to say is hard work and it needs an interpreter. The film was shot in Isfahan.

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سریال جن زیبا

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The movie “The Beautiful Fine ones” directed and filmed by Bayram Fazli and the production of Mehrdad Farid, with the participation and investment of the Turkish Altai Film Company this year. By Imam Fazli, in 1395, was granted the license to make this film, but with the key of the film, the Ministry of Guidance ordered a change of actress in the Turkish film. But after conflicts Fazli managed to continue filming with the same actor and explained that because of the Turkish investment the possibility of changing this actress is not present and at the first stage, this opposition should be made not after the conclusion of a joint agreement between the Turkish side With this director. The film جن زیبا which features humorous content, has been made with the presence of Farhad Aslani, Norgol Yashilchai, Muharram Zainalzadeh, Leila Zare, Leyla Mousavi, Ali Jafari, Meysam Pouyanfar and Ghazal Farid.

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سریال جن زیبا

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In an interview at the beginning of filming, Mehrdad Farid spoke about the goals and plans of this group: “We are currently planning to launch simultaneous films in Iran and Turkey, as well as several Arab countries and Azerbaijan, and we plan to bring the beautiful film to the Fajr Film Festival this year.” As evidenced by Mehrdad Farid’s evidence and talk, the team has somewhat achieved its goals and has managed to align the ministry of culture with its own goals. And we hope that these goals will be achieved until the final release!

دانلود قانونی سریال جن زیبا
سریال جن زیبا

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دانلود فیلم جن زیبا Mehrdad Farid, in mid-December, praised the fans of this cinematic film, in which a ceremony will take place with the presence of actors and actors of the movie “Elegant Eyes” in Milad Tower and also in Tabriz. However, on Nov. 25, Mehrdad Farid apologized to the fans by sharing a film on Instagram due to unpredictable problems for the red carpet ceremony that was to be held on December 27 and 28 in Tehran and Tabriz. And promising fans to be featured during the next 7-10 days.

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Learn about the Turkish actress Norgol Yashil Tea Norgolg was born in 1976 in Turkey, graduated from the University of theater in 2001, and was in the theater in the same year. Successfully passed his first series, “Aikinji Bahar”, and then in the series “Love and Penalty”, “The Continuation of the Sultan’s Remaining” “Paramparchy” … and also several films, he was able to record successful films for acting.

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دانلود سریال کامل جن زیبا
سریال جن زیبا
The actor expressed his satisfaction with the presence of the Iranian film, and wrote on Instagram’s website by sharing a photo of one of the scenes of the movie “The Beautiful Feline”: “Thank you very much from all my friends in the group who helped shape the personality of Delaram. All together we were looking for a beautiful dream. All the hands did not hurt and working with you was great. Thanks to the people of Isfahan for their intelligence and hospitality. I love you too. “
جن زیبا سینمایی
سریال جن زیبا

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And wrote another photo by sharing: “A frame of my play in my beloved cinema, Iran” But in the end we have to say that the film is scheduled to be released on January 5th, if it still does not happen unpredictably!