Film Irani paradise 2019 | فیلم پارادایس

Film Irani paradise 2019 | فیلم پارادایس

Film Irani paradise 2019 | فیلم پارادایس

synopsis paradays : Film paradise Two young students who want to attend a religious conference in Germany face their teacher’s opposition.

They eventually win the satisfaction of the professor and, with their presence in a European country, they find interesting and funny adventures for them.

Paradise is a film directed and produced by Ali Adhani and authored by Mehdi Ali Mirzai and Ali Adamsani, and is the product of 1393.

Cast: Javad Ezzati, Mehran Rajabi, Saman Safari, Bita Atashani.

Olivia Burkat, Matthias Mets, Kelatsaida Robert.

Catherine Fulous, Mohammad Ali Najafian, Masoud Baharloo, Maryam Shah Vali

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سینمایی پارادایس
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فیلم پارادایس The film has been featured at various foreign festivals and has won awards, including the Best Actor Award.

Best Director and Best Actor from New York’s Chelsea Festival, as well as the Best Film Festival of Costa Costas in Sweden.

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Film Production Factors: 1- Director and Producer: Ali Adamsani. 2- Writer: Mehdi Ali Mirzai and Ali Adamsani. 3- Director of Photography: Morteza Ghafouri.4- Sound Director: Behrooz Ma’avanian. 5- Face Designer: Amir Torabi.

6- Face-to-face: Farzaneh Zardast. 7- Costume Designer: Abolfazl Salimi. 8- Music: Porya Heidari.9-Director: Amir Ronaghi, Mohammad Teymouri, Ashkan Saffari. 10- Photographer: Mahmoud Aşhani. 11- Procurement Manager: Saeed Delavari.

12-Production Director: Alireza Bayat. 13- Media consultant and director of Public Relations Bita Film: Maryam Ghorbaniya.14- Director of International Affairs: Omid Ali Choghani. 15- Designer: Reza Yarkholzhi.

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Paradise film was featured in its latest appearance at the 10th Williamsburg International Film Festival in New York City.

The Paradise movie was featured in the Third International Film Festival “Costa” in Notre Dame, Surrey.

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The reason it was prominent at international festivals is to present the true truth and the influence of Muslims and false denominations on Islam.

It was filmed in 1394 in Spain, Germany and Iran, but it was featured on February 3, 1397.

دانلود فیلم پارادایس

دانلود رایگان فیلم پارادایس
فیلم پارادایس انلاین
The film’s story is about propagating the religion of Islam and the Shia religion, as well as depicting fake sects like ISIL and the Taliban.

Iranian Film sinamaie paradays

Ali Tashhani added about his film: Paradise, I believe, is a religious film that gives a humorous look at the superiority of Muslims in the world.”

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فیلم پارادایس
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SAli Stashani, in relation to his paradise film, says: This is a two-story narrative familiar with a girlfriend through cyberspace, and she invites them to a conference in Europe.

He added that the film is about the clarification of religion and false sects.

which, in the name of Islam, inflicts blows on all societies.

Actually hence the people who were at the forefront of political and cultural affairs were watching this film and seeing it They enjoyed the story because the film was aimed at them.

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