Film Irani Jadid Ghanoon Morfi 2019 | قانون مورفی

Film Irani Jadid Ghanoon Morfi 2019 | فیلم قانون مورفی

Ghanoon morfi | قانون مورفی

Farrokh (new Amir) is a miserable policeman who has just been ousted from his job. In this situation, his former colleague (Amir Jafari) asks him to help him and …

Farrokh (new Amir) is a miserable policeman who has just been ousted from his job. In this situation, his former colleague (Amir Jafari) asks him to help him and …

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سینمایی قانون مورفی
سینمایی قانون مورفی

قانون مورفی فیلم

Rambid Young: Born in Tehran in 1350 and has been known to Iranian audiences for more than a decade by performing a funny program.Young actress Ramdad’s career is back in the seventies and plays in the popular “Green House”, but in the last decade he has been directed and succeeded in successful productions, including the “Entry of Forbidden Men” to the cinema, one of the most successful comedies Years of goodness are cinema in Iran.

دانلود با لینک مستقیم

معرفی فیلم قانون مورفی

Movie Name: Murphy’s Law

Director: Young Ramdad

Script: Pouria Shojaee

Producer: Mohammad Shayesteh

Director of Photography: Hossein Jalili

Cast :New emir – Amir Jafari -Young Rambod – Mahsa Tahmasebi

Trailer Ghanoone morfi


The latest cinematic film by Ramdav Young, “Negar,” was an attempt to approach the standards of the world of cinema that did not succeed much with young Band Ramadan in the directing, and the viewer too soon forgot the effect; of course, the non-comedy of “Negar” Also had a significant impact on its high failure rate. Now, young Ramdad has come to the cinema with Murphy’s Law after two years and has gone exactly the same way that she had already traveled to the cinema in the cinema, with the difference that her new work is “comedy fantasy” this time.

تیزر فیلم قانون مورفی

“Murphy’s Law” is a good start, and with the “fast and furious” pursuit of the style of “fast and furious” movies (even the car refers to this work), it gives the audience a chance to see a different comedy effect on the screen of the cinema. But the screenplay did not allow the young Ramdad young film to become a unique experience in Iran’s cinema. Murphy’s Law, unlike the comedies of these days in Iran’s cinema, is not lazy, and the lollipop also comes with the help of the effect of speeding up the film and not fatiguing the audience. This shows that the young Rambod follows the world-day cinema and knows the tastes of the audience.

دانلود قانونی قانون مورفی

قانون مورفی
قانون مورفی

دانلود رایگان قانون مورفی But the main problem here is that the scattered ideas of the film can never be placed in a single, coherent script. The Murphy Laws script is so devastating and meaningless that the movie is like a piece of video clips that have been fused with a lot of compilation and slavishness. Of course, to justify such a weakness, the phrase “fantasy comedy” has always been used to make any holes in the script a trivial term that is considered to be precisely the opposite of the creation of a fantasy work in which Always emphasizing the coherence of the script along with the use of fantasy elements.

فیلم سینمایی قانون مورفی

Young Rambod refers to many works in the cinema of the Murphy Law. From the reference to the series “Fast and Furious” from the beginning of the film to the “Saw” and of course “Face Shift”, there were some works by which young Ramhad has inspired parts of the film, and in directing also clearly influenced Guy Ritchie has been irrefutable on him. But the point in making the forgotten film is that the various moments of the film (some of which are somewhat funny) are completely apart, so that there is no consistency in the film, and it’s easy to see any kind of happening The strange and irrelevant addition to the story was added, and was sure that there would be no shortage of stories.

Ghanoon morfi | دانلود رایگان فیلم قانون مورفی

فیلم قانون مورفی
فیلم قانون مورفی

There are also strange errors in the film’s funny rhythms, including over-emphasis on some of the cinematic tricks like “Slumousness,” which loses its function from time to time due to increased utilization. There is also a chase scene in the movie that runs on a local market, and we’re going with some characters for a few minutes, but this sequence ends with a full scroll, which seems to be due to the excitement in creativity , Without regard to details. In the meantime, young Ramaddh has adhered to a principle of filmmaking in the comedy cinema of these days in Iran, which is the use of music and dance in the story, which sometimes makes the work of “fantasy” change to “sassy”!

فیلم قانون مورفی

دانلود قانون مورفی Among the cast, the election of the new emir as the main actor is not considered a clever choice. A new effort has been made to play a good game in the role of a mournful person and bad luck, but the playing style and tone of his expression are different from that of a cinema, and this can be seen at the moment of his confession in the northern forests. However, a new attempt to get closer to Farrok’s role is admired and is a new and unique experience for such an act.

دانلود فیلم رایگان قانون مورفی

The character of Amir Jafari is not in the film unlike his presence in the “Oxidant”, and there are many similarities between the two in the film. Other film actors are a combination of well-known Iranian cinema comedians along with “Khandawana” comedians who have a short presence in the film. The young rambod itself, in its short time in the picture, offers exactly the same image that we’ve seen in the “funny” program in recent years, which includes an exaggerated game with a lot of screams and screams that apparently have to watch Get used to it.

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Murphy’s Law, with all the weaknesses and ruins in the name of the screenplay, is still under the influence of his director, who has always tried to bring a different experience from filmmaking to Iran’s cinema. Young Ramadd’s efforts are admirable in this regard, and it must be said that in any case, parts of Murphy’s Law are easily able to laugh out of the audience, and more importantly, the film never takes itself seriously and serves as a guide. Ethical does not come to his audience and he experiences entertainment. The fact that young Ramdad refuses to make films at a location and gives them a variety of images seems to be a positive step in the comedy cinema of these days in Iran.

Ghanoon morfi

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